Asm Vs Popq


ok! I just called to inquire prices for oct 07 for 10 nights. for pofq they gave me rate of $145 b 4 taxes and ASmovies $82 b 4 taxes. I think I may just go with the ASMovies because that is almost a $63.00 savings and that $63.00 is almost 2 people on the dinning plan!!!


That’s quite a significant savings!! I would do that too(except I would go for PC).


I have never at PC before. I wanted to try but Im scared of change. … I think I will try this time… Any suggestions on which room???


I’d definatly go for one of the value resorts and buy the dining plans with your savings!


I agree with sendme.todisney as well go with a value and get the dining plan. I lucked out and got the free dining plan but instead of updating my resort I just extended my stay to 8 days. Im also a little nervous about change and will be staying once again at ASMovies.



I’m definitely all for Value! When it comes right down to it, I wouldn’t be able to get around that math…if staying at a Value helps pay for the dining plan too, even better! :mickey:

I have only stayed at All-Star Movies, but PC has really gotten some great reviews, especially from people on this site. I would try that!!

Mickaholic should be able to recommend some rooms to you.


I love the ASMovies and especially their pizza!!! The way I look at it is, at WDW the only time I spend at the hotel is time to sleep, and my body doesn’t care if I pay $70 or $700 a night, it just wants to sleep. If the extra money is worth an experience, then go for it, but if all you are going to do is sleep you must ask yourself if the $ is worth it! Go ASMovies!!!


You do what is best for your family. The $62 is well spent if you do decide to go to POFQ…that place is awesome! Either way you’ll have a great time …it’s WDW!


I would ask for first floor room not poolside. There are rooms in the 70s or 50 section that are not far from the food court. We were pretty far away this time in the 50’s but it was a first floor and a lot quieter than our preferred 60’s building from last time.


I also suggest Pop. The All Star resorts get the large groups of kids, that PC doesn’t see.


I loved ASMo’s but now I love Saratoga Springs however…it is a personal choice. When we were staying at ASMo’s we were only there to sleep and I could not see paying a large amount of money on a room we were not going to spend much time in. We also were able to extend a vacation by staying at a AS resort. Now we like some down time and we enjoy a nice resort. Look at your plans and decide what is important to you. You will have a great time whatever you choose.