Astro Orbiter


Has anyone ever ridden this? I never see it in any trip reports. Last time DS got me on Alladin and surprisingly I did not get too dizzy. We stay away from Dumbo because of the lines. I was wondering if it is really cool to see everything from up that high on Astro?


It is kinda cool. You get a pretty good view of the CR each time you go around. But, AO spins MUCH faster than Dumbo or Aladdin. I was surprised at how fast it was spinning. Oh…and there is ZERO leg room in those rockets… I could barely walk when Mic and I got off that thing…


I agree with what Dewey said. It is kind of cool to be up high, but if you suffer from motion sickness, this seemingly tame ride might effect you. It is faster than Aladdin and Dumbo and Triceratop Spin at DAK too.

Try to do Astro Orbiter after dark if you can for a whole new perspective.

Also, because of it’s limited loading capacity, long lines tend to form early at AO.


I forgot to include it in my trip report! Nathan and Mike did it one day when we were looking for PUSH. I’ve done it but it’s been a few years and it does spin faster than Dumbo.


Oh yea, I totally forgot to say that part. That’s so true. It’s WAAAAAAY cooler at night time…


Its a cool ride but it can make you dizzy and DisneyHog is right its pretty fast.
I normally try to ride at least once every trip but if I miss it… no biggie.


DD was being really brave and rode it so we told her we would buy her an AstroOrbiter pin and went to the closest vendor and they didn’t have any, but the Cm gave her a Magical Moments certificate and let her pick a pin from his lanyard for free! I was amazed!


DH and I go on it often enough but my trip reports aren’t as detailed to include which rides we went on, unless something crazy happens. :tongue: DH is actually really scared of the Astro Orbiters, if I could somehow figure out a way to capture the expression on his face on that ride you guys would get SUCH a kick out of it!!! I will have to try next time. It’s ALMOST as classic as the look on his face when riding the “Sun Wheel” in DCA :noo: :eek: :noo:

The only thing about the Astro Orbiters that stinks is the line, it always seems to go sooooo slow!


I like it but DH is not a fan. It can be a tight squeeze in those little rockets! If you’re going to ride, ride at night!


I took Nathaniel on 2 years ago, and I hafta tell ya, I was scared! (Not REALLY… :happy: ) It was high up! And when you were going around and you were sideways, you feel like you’re going to fall out!!! (um, well…I did!)

But it was pretty cool. :cool: I never did do it at night, though. Something new to try! YAY!!!

Oh, and like Dewey said…ABSOLUTELY NO LEGROOM!!! It’s a tight squeeze. :wink:


I’ve always thought that the Astro Orbiter was a bit higher up than I want to be. Maybe I’ll give it a try though.


The Astro Orbitor in WDW is a lot more prone to causing motion sickness because of its sheer height. The one here in DL has been known to make people a little dizzy (even me), but combined with the spinning and the height, I can barely handle the WDW version at all! :blow:

It really does offer some fantastic views though, much better than over here!

And as people have mentioned, the size of the rockets can also be a factor. It may sound weird, but some people feel even sicker because they get a slight case of claustrophobia. Those rockets are REEEEEALLY SMALL. The signs say that they can fit 3 people (2 adults, 1 child), but I have never seen 3 people fit comfortably. I rarely see 2 adults fit comfortably! Ryan and I have to sit seperately every time, because we simply don’t fit! :eek:


REALLY?!?!? OK, I KNOW for a FACT that my behind is probably ALOT bigger than yours, and I am TALL too, and DH and I ride together! It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world but we’ve always been fine. He sits in front of me though b/c I would probably squish him to death!! :tongue:


:laugh: I have no idea why we don’t fit! But they won’t let DH ride in front of me because they think he’ll squish me…and when I try to sit in front of him there’s no room for my behind, so I end up squishing him…well, right where it counts. :blush: :tongue: I guess my husband’s just a big guy!! I dunno~!


Okay here is my stupid question…

Are you strapped in or is this like a ferris wheel…
Can’t do ferris wheels but can do almost everything else


It’s been a long time since I experienced the WDW version, but I’m going to assume it’s just like the one here in DL?

The Orbitor here in DL uses leather straps to “buckle” you in…they really just flop over your lap and hook on your right side, but it’s much better than nothing! :mickey:

Hope that helps.


Oh thanks… I can do that.
Just can’t do ferris wheels for some odd reason…


I understand completely. I’ve been coerced into the Sun Wheel here at DCA twice, and…OH GOOD LORD…:blow:…I am NEVER doing that thing again! :noo:


Me did. :smile:


Ah, OK, thanks for the info. I do get motion sickness and if it is faster than Aladdin then I’m out. I was going to start to get cocky with the spinning rides but now I think not. :blow: