At last-from Dixie- a trip report!


Ok almost everyone knows we had an eventful start- However we were still up and about by around 7.30 not to hit the parks, but to worship at the shrine of Wal mart! Oh yes these Brits love Wal mart and besides we had to stock our room for the next three weeks with cookies and candy and soda and all the naughty things we deprive ourselves of all the rest of the year. After spending at least two hours in there and having an enormous bill we went back to POR and went to the food court where Paul and Chelsey had their first of many double bacon cheeseburgers. It was just so lovely to be in POR and as we were sooooo tired we decided just to sit by the marina and boats and just people watch, the night air was warm and balmy and all the previous days and nights events began to slip slowly away- at long last we felt that we were home and we had three long weeks to just let the Dsiney magic wash right over us and just do what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it-However the dreaded jet lag soon began to takes its toll and we retired the room at around 10 that first evening with our plans made for the next day.
Up early the next day I headed off to our pool for a morning swim, as it was only around 7.30 there is no one else there and the pool and surrounding area has a light mist, the sky is blue and the water is warm, I am the only person in the pool and it truly is like paradise. I head back to the room and rouse DH and DD after showering we take a vote on which park to hit first and decide (as we are still fatigued) to plump for Epcot, a nice gentle park where we can slowly walk around ‘World showcase’ and take our time. After activating our Annual passes we head off inside, straight on to Spaceship Earth and then immediately into Innoventions. Paul and Chelsey head straight for the PSP type machines I attempt the Nemo game however, I swear mine is broken as I cannot make Nemo move, I am aware of a small child watching and let him have the machine- How very curious- the game seems fine for him? Chelsey and Paul get fast passes for Test Track (and no dear readers I did not go on Test Track) after doing everything there is to do on that side of Epcot (including the new Artic cocoa cola thingy) which I might add has lost a bit of its charm with its refurb :frowning: we go over to World Showcase. The most memorable ones are of course the UK ( which the UK is nothing like Epcot’s)…well not the part I live in-if there was some graffiti on the walls and a broken phone booth, and a few muggers on the street corners then it might remind us of home, but of course we are tempted to buy the way over priced ‘English’ candy and I chat to the CM’s in there to see if they are students as Chelsey starts Uni next year and would love a summer job at WDW. In France Chelsey falls in love with a beautiful French boy called Jerome and Paul falls in love with a beautiful french girl called Monique- I dont fall in love with anyone I just watch my family behaving pathetically and eat my delicious quiche- In your dreams Paul, in your dreams!!!
We head off back to POR for a rest with the intention of going back to watch the evening fireworks later that evening and upon returning we go down to the pool although it is hot, 94 degrees, it starts to rain and so we decide to go the small mall (yay) after a very productive shopping trip-we go to Downtown Disney and have dinner in the Earl of sandwich. It is my intention to eat my way through the sandwich board staring with the original and a soup. The soup is delish with crusty croutons floating on the top-after eating we are too tired to go back to Epcot-this jet lag is going to take some getting over this time-in fact we feel a little unwell. However, we remind ourselves the advantage of an AP is you can go to the parks anytime-we dont have to do everything the first day… to be continued please let me know if its rubbish as I have not done at TR before and would hate to bore anyone xx


How nice to be able to just sit and not go crazy trying to “make the tickets worth it”. And don’t blame Paul while he is dreaming…If he’s dreaming about a french girl, he’s not noticing about much you spend at disney. So how long did it take to recover from jet lag?


Wow, three long weeks! How fantastic! I can imagine how hard the first day would be because of the jet lag. That was a great idea to go to Epcot. Your morning swim sounded very relaxing. I can’t wait to read more!


A great start to your trip report!! You’re doing fine.


You are definitely not boring us. I enjoy reading about other people’s trips. It helps pass the time between my trips. I look forward to reading more about your trip. :smile:


Rubbish? this is a fantastic start to a three week adventure. I sure hope that all is perfect from now on. And that the only problem you have had was at the beginning of your trip with the resort itself.


Rubbish? Are you kidding me? Go on my dear. I want every detail!


Yay! I love it! Can’t wait to hear how it went after the jet lag wore off!


The beauty of AP is that there will ALWAYS be tomorrow. :wub:

They were great when they only cost $200.00!!! :pirate:

Lovin’ the trip report! I have only sixteen days to go!


Disneyland ones are only about $230!


Faith, dahling, I’m talking about the Premium Passes…

You know, the ones with no black out dates and free parking.

They used to be only $200.00. When my heir apparent turned 10, and thus an “adult” in the eyes of Disney.

They’re up past $349.00 right now. Luckily ours are good until Feb 2007!


Yes I am. I really want to go, I just don’t see it happening this time. I am really sad, I was really excited about meeting all of you.


Wait a minute, is this your inner child showing confliction??? :laugh:

Mods, I’m sorry for threadjacking this! :blush:

I won’t do it again.

I’ll be good.


as always I am in awe of how well you tell a story!!! more please !!!




Oh thanks you’ve given me the will to carry on-ok lets clear one thing up-when I said I intended to eat my way through EOS menu board I didnt mean in one sitting I meant throughout the trip-I mean I love my food but even I couldn’t take on that amount of sandwiches!
The jet lag unfortunately was to last two or three days, it was a bizarre feeling, extreme fatigue and a little nausea and very little appetite hence the sandwiches and soup someone suggested this could be dehydration as due to the severe restrictions in flight we could not carry any water bottles, we presumed Virgin airlines would supply extra water, however this was not the case and we had just two cold drinks in 8 and a half hours. But we did recover so on with the tale!
Our next venture was to Sea World- I know it’s not Disney but its a park we like again for the gentle ambience there and its such an easy park to get around and more or less see and do everything. The new Shamu show was fabulous I am always in awe of those trainers and the amazing feats they perfrom with the whales I would love to do the dive to the bottom of the pool and come rushing up standing on Shamu’s nose- However, I couldnt hold my breath that long and would be dead before I hit the bottom of the pool!
The weather is not good, although extremely hot and humid it is cloudy and threatening to rain we head off back to POR and after watching tv for a while (we love American tv apart from the commercials-way too many!!!) and we decide to go over to the Food Court and take dinner there. That evening in the bar, Bob? is playing, he is such fun and really knows how to get things going. After a couple of glasses of vino we retire for the night and decide that tomorrow is going to be a pool day, we have done two parks in two days and although they were the easier type parks it’s still alot of walking in that Florida heat, we can relax all day and maybe ‘park’ or DTD for dinner who knows we’ll just see how we feel when the time comes…


Just diversing slightly-have you noticed my new avatar??? it was above the buffet at Mickeys Backyard BBQ!!! isnt that wicked-more on the bbq later on in TR…


Dixie, I bet all the bar keepers and Bob the entertainer at POR know you by now, or do they?


That was an awesom picture of Shamu! WoW!


I agree with lovemysons…that is a perfect shot of shamu. My DD and I loved SW too. It’s not disney, but what a great park. I can’t wait to read more.

I was wondering about the avatar. I thought you just snapped a picture of some dixie paperware at random…so cool that’s it from the BBQ.