At WDW and it rains


So you are at WDW with your family on vacation and one of the days you are there it rains (tropical downpours) most of the day. What do you do for fun?


ALL DAY soak…hmmm. I dont know about everyone else, but if its a thunderstorm…we will be inside EPCOT somewhere. If it is just a miserable continous downpour…SHORT LINES - we are in like flynn. Take the ponchos off, put up the camera, put my sandles on, put the swimtrunks on, bag a few extra clothes in plastic…AND GO!!!

We actually did this once…it was the most fun I had ever had at AK.


This has happened to us. Relaxing morning at the resort. Check out what movies are showing at Downtown Disney (use that DVC discount). Drive over to the Marketplace for EoS for lunch, over to the theatre to take in a movie.

Even if it’s still raining when the movie gets out, we’d probably head to Epcot where most everything is inside - spend more time in Innoventions and the pavillions. Ellen’s Universe of Energy is a good way to kill an hour and the theatre is dark and relaxing. Maybe dinner at Biergarten where it’s cosy and warm and you can stay a long time and enjoy the band and the food.

Back to the resort and hope that the one day of rain is the only day of rain.


Well that really stinks!! Yeah, we have it up here in north Fl. too. Hope it dries up before you get to go home.


I say stay in the parks and get wet! So many people head back to their resort and you can have the park basically to yourself.


We go shopping- Florida Mall, Belz Mall, Millennia Mall, I love it when it rains in Florida!


Like I said we did this during a VERY CROWDED week. It was sooo much fun. Of course we sent our then 2 yr old daughter back to the hotel with some friends, but the rest of us had a blast.

Was also very interested in seeing all the eyes peering from inside windows as we passed…riding Everest TIME afte TIME after TIME. My boys rode 8 times that day. People were shocked it ran in the rain. The cast member said they had people who watched the weather and guidelines to when it would shutdown due to weather, but it had not reached that point…and it was raining pretty constant.

Most fun though…had to be Kali Rapids. So much more fun when you could care less if you get wet


I remember going in January a few years back and it poured,I mean flooded poured. We went to CP for breakfast and when we were done eating, the park was empty, so we got on all rides and got alot done in a short time.


We grab our ponchos and are ready to go anywhere.


Us too, we’re English, we’re pretty used to it:laugh:


You’re, like, constantly damp, right? :laugh:

Rain during my WDW vacation? Inconceivable! :laugh: I put on a poncho and deal with it. I didn’t think of sandals, though, which was a huge mistake-- I’ll know better next time. :happy:


We actually hope for rain. Ponchos all around and short lines.


I have been there when it rains, and there were no short lines. Everyone had ponchos, and were in line like us. I guess I picked the wrong week to go to WDW.


One word… Ponchos… we bought wdw ponchos a few years back and they come with us every trip… if it rains, we go to the park… lines are shorter, plus it’s fun to be in the rain.


We’ve had that happen! We decided to stay in the parks (no lines) and avoid DisneyQuest at all costs…made that mistake once!


If you have a downpour day…head to DisneyQuest. If you finish that, put on the ponchos and head to the parks. Remember, we all work too long and hard to throw away even an hour of vacation. Push forward and enjoy.


Epcot or DTD shopping! :slight_smile:


Don’t go to Animal Kingdom! We got caught in a downpour and there was no where to get out of the rain! My watch face was even full of water LOL! We splashed around awhile, but squishy shoes and drippy shorts are not comfortable, we rested at the resort and went to Epcot with ponchos and umbrellas later in the evening.


Hit the parks. Like most we find that most of the crowds run for their rooms. Who cares if your we. It’s the best time to hit Kali and Splash Mt.

The one bad thing about it raining is that I enjoy spending time having my coffee and reading by the pool or one of the lakes, depending what resort we are at, before Pam gets up. I’m up way before she is. It’s nice to have some time to myself on vacation.


Yes, I suppose so, Karen. Aren’t the umbrellas attached to your forearms?