At WDW as we speak


hey guys, i am at disney now. i am in my room at the POP and i am waiting for the rain to stop so i can get over to the MK!!

i’ll be on throughout the week, so keep an eye out for me.

summary thus far:

  1. flights went smoothly (though note to self: for future flights, do not put future DH in the window seat–more to come on that in my official TR)
  2. DME was great, but a little hard to find.
  3. Luggage arrived in less than an hour after we got to the room!!!
  4. POP is AWESOME!!!

off to MK i go!!!

EMH await, and i think i may be able to run across KingOMiami! we are trying to set up a little get together!


Oh yay! I love a live report! I hope the skies clear and you have a great trip. I’m so glad it’s off to a great start!


Weather down here was pretty crappy off and on all afternoon and into the evening. It’s pretty much the same again today. The mornings are still nice and mostly clear. Make sure you check the local forcasts on Weather Channel and look at their hour by hour forcasts online as well. Also remember, their radar is about 15-20 behind real time.


Update: you might be drying out by 6 PM or so.


I agree!!!


I hope you’re having a FANTASMIC time! :happy: Remember…TRIP REPORT…with TONS of pics!!! :cool:


Hooray! How exciting to hear from somebody who’s there right now!! I love live reports!

Here’s hoping the weather clears up for ya and you guys have a GREAT trip! Please keep us posted! :biggrin:

(There. Did I do a good enough job of hiding the fact that I’m insanely jealous? :laugh: ROFL)


You did great! I hardly noticed.:happy:


Wow! I can’t believe you actually have time to think about us lonely PDD MB’ers! That’s so sweet!

Hoping for great weather, and lots of fun! Have a great time!


Well, whatever was supposed to happen at 8:30 probably got rain delayed or cancelled. I’ll give 60% odds for Illuminations and SpectroMagic at 9. As for Wishes at 10, I can’t say for sure for another half hour.


Stupid rain!:angry:


Whew! :happy: Good. I was worried that the computer could somehow time the fact that it took me 10 minutes to come up with something nice to say.

:laugh: Just kidding!


Tell me about it. I just had to grill in the rain because the grill isn’t covered and steaks never taste the same from the broiler.


Bummer. :dry:

It’s pretty nice here (albeit a little warm for us Oregonians, but you probably wouldn’t mind!) You can come up here and grill your steaks if you like…but you gotta share. :tongue:

Okay I really want to know what she’s doing now! It’s so exciting to think about being in her position right now (even if it IS raining).


Can’t wait for the rest of your TR!! Hope the rain stops soon and you have an amazing time.


I hope you have a wonderful eveing! I love live reports, check in again when you get a chance.


oh wow! Welcome home to WDw my dear…oh how I wish I were you…have a magical stay.


sorry i haven’t posted again sooner, but you know how that sort of thing can happen while you are “in the world”

just a few more points for you guys. and don’t worry, i have a full TR in the works and i have taken plenty of pictures for you guys to see.

finally made it to MK on day one. i was so desperate to get on something once i got there, that we hopped in line for Stitch!:eek: i know, i know what was i thinking right? i have read so many bad reports, but i figured i would subject myself to it since i haven’t been on it since the big “stitch switch”. not as bad as i had thought it would be. AE was a lot scarier. Jason liked it… i think he was just overall impressed with the attentions to detail and so on and so forth… yada yada yada. he was just glad to be on something too cause he hasn’t been to wdw in 20 years!:eek:

anyways, we did about nine different things in about 4 to 4 and a half hours. lines were not bad at all. most stuff we practicaly walked right on. oh i love when this happens. we pretty much had good timing for everything.

day 2’s destination was epcot. jason was dying to check out soarin’ for the first time.

epcot was wonderful… now on to day three… (you guys don’t really think i am going to fill you in on that much now, when i have a full TR in the works, do you?)

ok, so maybe a little more about day 2… we rode everything except the boat ride in mexico and maelstrom in norway… ran out of time… we are not early risers by nature, so getting up by 10 to be in the parks by noon was quite a stretch for us. did everything we wanted to though, plus a few surprises along the way (more on that in the TR)

day 3 was DS… didn’t get off to such a wonderful start, but the night ended really well. we had fun none the less.

day 4 today was AK. had an AWESOME time, mostly due to the fact that we met up with some long-time friends of mine that we haven’t seen in over a year now. we used to live right around the corner from one another and we grew up together, now she lives two whole states away from me.:crying: it was always a dream of ours to go to WDW together ever since we were little kids. luckily we got to make that dream come true due to the fact that coincidentally they planned their trip for the same week as us. it was so great to see them again. we met for lunch together and spent the rest of the day together in the park riding rides and such. we had a ball.

tomorrow is back to MK again. our friends will meet up with us again for lunch and do a few rides together before jason and i close out our last full day here in the world. :crying: i don’t wanna leave!

be on the look out for my TR to start saturday or sunday since i don’t have to be to work again until monday.

p.s. and of course i have thought of you guys since i have been here. if it wasn’t for you guys’ wonderful knowledge of the parks and attractions, my trip would not have been as enjoyable.


Don’t forget to check the Haunted Mansion for Stuart and tell him his mom says hi! :wub:

Have a great day at MK!! Can’t wait to read your TR



i looked for stuart when i went sunday night, but i didn’t see him. it was so dark, i was really only able to read one guys’ name tag, and it wasn’t him.

i will look for him again when i go tomorrow. hope i can find him this time!