ATA declares Bankruptcy


I noticed that both TTA AIrlines and Aloha Airlines both declared bankruptcy, again, since both had just emerged from brankruptcy approximately two years ago.

I did notice Southwest is assisting ticketed passengers since they code share to Hawaii.

With fuel prices as they are, you might want to look at the financial status of your designated airline before you book.:ph34r:


I saw this is as well, but, I thought it was ATA airlines? Or is that a different airline all together?


That’s exactly what I was thinking.


It is ATA. Unfortunately they are - were code share with Southwest. There goes the Hawaii trip. Not to mention hundreds of more pilots unemployeed. (I realize there are lots of other folks affected, but I’m a pilot and would really like to get out of the real estate business. Pilots keep getting laid off and that makes the odds of a career change even harder.)


Little typo there.

It is, in fact, ATA.

I’m glad this didn’t happen a few months sooner; it was ATA that got me to Honolulu for the first leg of my trip home in December. SWA would have been a bit hard-pressed to accommodate all of ATA’s passengers that day.


So sad! There are a lot of people left high and dry by the sudden disappearance of these airlines. I must say that I was shocked by Aloha going under, even though they’d filed previously. There flights from the mainland were always full and they charged a pretty penny for Orange County flights! ATA…I’m not surprised. I never had much faith in them:(
Such a tough time for the industry…so many people out of jobs…


Since it’s a typo I’ll change the title of the thread.


Very sad for the employees of both ATA and Aloha. I’ve been in the airline industry over 18 years, and it’s starting to feel a lot like the late 80s, early 90s, when so many carriers were bought up or went under. The fact that so many people like to badmouth the airlines doesn’t help.


Thanks DT! When I saw the original title, I thought…Wha?:huh: The TTA went bankrupt???:blink: :laugh:


Yes, very sad for the employees and those passengers holding tickets they’ve paid for that now have to make other arrangements. Not good for anyone involved. I fear these two incidents will only make the badmouthing worse as the opinions of said stranded travelers are sure to be voiced.


Well, um, they did in Disneyland… :blush:

My bad.


It is very sad. I don’t like how we have less and less choice. HOWEVER some people bad mouth the airlines for very good reasons.


I thought that too. How could the TTA go under? :laugh:


So very sad about ATA. We used to fly ATA out of Indy to Orlando everytime we went to WDW. They pulled out of Indy (which was one of their main airports) a couple years ago laying off several hundred people. The way the company handled the bankruptcy by locking the employees out is very sad.

I have a friend at the office that was supposed to fly out Sunday with ATA to Miami for a cruise. When she found out today, she was in panic mode. Thank goodness she was able to book another flight with a different airline and get her money back through her credit card company.


One of my friends had been a flight attendant for ATA. She woke up to an email this morning that said effective today - no job and no health insurance! She’s so upset. They pretty much knew layoffs were inevitable, but she had been there long enough that she would have been safe. Very sad. I think she said there were around 3,000 employees who lost their jobs.


Now this morning the news is that Northwest is laying people off and cutting back on some of their flights to save money. Plus they are also raising their rates. Doesn’t sound good.:ohmy:


I think the answer here is to just delete the west coast.

From the country.




I honestly don’t know how much more NorthWORST can do to save money - their flights are almost an embarrassment now. We occasionally fly with them when we HAVE to - and it’s pure torture. The planes are dirty, the attendants are surly (and it looks like they haven’t changed their uniforms in the last 10 years) and the flights are inevitably scary - the planes actually rattled. I’m not a white-knuckle flyer, but I am on NW. They stopped movies years ago. Basically all you do is just - sit. I opened one of the “air-sick” bags to use for kleenex on my last flight and it was glued together with bubble gum:pinch: - I wonder when it was last checked - like never.


I agree with you 100%. We flew with them just once, and never again. They’re the number 2 airline here at our airport, but as long as Midwest Airlines (#1) stays a float, we’re good to go.