Attendance during jewish holidays


We will be in WDW 9/9-9/15 and I realize that thursday and friday9/13 & 9/14 are Rosh Hashanah. I was wondering with most public schools closed those days, is attendance any greater. Usually this time of year that we go is pretty slow, and just the way I like it! Anyone else have experience with these days?


I didn’t realize public schools closed for Jewish Holidays. Is that perhaps just in your area?

We’ve gone in Sept more than any other time of the year and it’s always been “slow” crowd-wise.


Public schools here aren’t closed for Jewish Holidays. Students/parents can request the day(s) off due to religious holidays, but it isn’t school or district-wide. So the holidays shouldn’t make any difference for crowd levels.


Is neither mandatory nor compulsory.

(We’re going to break the fast at Cali Grill and eat shrimp, yea!!!)


OK, seriously, we were in WDW last year over Rosh Hashanah and there was no noticeable bump, we’ll be there this year over Yom Kippur. The public schools in NY and NJ close for the holidays, but I’m not sure who else. Miami sure doesn’t! I’d say there’s going to be more people there because of free dining than because of short school vacations.


Perhaps it’s a New York “thing”. I’m in Albany, and our schools are closed.


Well we’re in Palm Beach County and we only have the Thursday off, not the Thur/Fri like NJ/NY! FYI!


Schools are not closed here during that time… although I am sure my kids would like it if they were.


Schools around here aren’t closed then either. I think that’s probably a very nice time to go since Labor Day was just a week or so before. The only attendance booster might be the Free Dining Promotion. There could be a lot of families with small pre-school aged children as well.


Wow! Never heard of this. Our schools are not closed.