Attendance in February


Our first trip ever is 2/10- 2/17. The last 4 days are peak season (I think) due to Presidents week. Will park attendance drastically increase on the Fri. the 13th. I think someone told me the pools in the resorts are heated, is that true? It looks like the average temp. is around 74 in Feb. although I’m sure it varies quite a bit


President’s weekend is super busy. You will see the crowds start to pick up the Thursday before as people take long weekends at WDW this time of year. I suggest getting the smaller parks done early in the week when it’s less crowded. Plan on Epcot over the weekend…it absorbs crowds perfectly. Stay away from Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom will be ok if you head there later in the day and stay until closing. This is a half day park for many people and the crowds lighten up around 2pm unless they are hosting evening EMH…stay away if they are.


Honestly, we have been to WDW during this time before and are going again this year. Although the parks were lieterally vacant during the earlier part of the week, we did see a crowd increase as the weekend rolled around, but nothing drastic. Even over the weekend we were able to walk on most rides without long waits or even waits at all!:happy:

Don’t be too worried, but as Dana said, if you are going to be there the early part of the week, go to the parks you want to do the most at first and remember Epcot is better over the weekend.:happy: