Attendance levels during second week of January?


I know it’s a bit of a crapshoot for weather but it works well with vacation time and college break. Thanks.


Jan 7-10 is the marathon and then the 18th is MLK day. I have not been at WDW during the marathon, but understand there to be an increase in attendance. MLK holiday this past year was a bit busy. There is an increase in crowds, but not summer crazy crowds. Also just FYI when we were there this past Jan it was FREEZING. I know it doesn’t happen often, but it make sure to pack something warm.


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I head down there every year for the marathon…and, I’ve noticed it has gotten more crowded as the years have progressed…or maybe I’ve just gotten older :glare:

The weather is DEFINITELY a crap shoot! One year, we had to go out and buy gloves and hats for everyone…we heard on the news that it was a record breaking cold snap! Last year was chilly, too, but at least we were sans hats and gloves:excl:

With that said, Go For It! You won’t be sorry!

Welcome! And, maybe we’ll see you down there in January!


With MLK and the marathon you’ll have some crowds. However, I think lately no matter when you go there will be some crowds. If it were me I wouldn’t let that stop me. They will be smaller than Christmas and Summer crowds so I think you’ll have a great time.
In 2004 we went during the beginning of the second week in January and we experienced an almost empty park. We had an excellent time. We would go during that time frame again if we could but we were in college then and we graduated and both became teachers…so it doesn’t work for us anymore.


I’ve been there over New Year’s several years in a row and can attest that crowd levels fall quickly after Jan 1. They do pick up a bit over MLK weekend, but overall, the crowds are very manageable during the second week of January.


I would expect tha tyou’d basically have the parks to yourselves… or at least, I expect it would feel that way!


Thanks all. We’ll arrive on the 8th or 9th, so maybe catch the tail end of the marathon but leave before MLK Day. I appreciate the inputs.


Crowds OK but beware of refurbishments and frigid water parks.