Attention! Hurricane warning!


Tropical Storm Emily has formed today.
IF the forecast track holds, the storm will be at hurricane strength (75 MPH) at 2 PM Saturday afternoon when it is about 36 miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale Beach.
It looks like actual landfall will be around Palm Beach Gardens.

Why am I posting this here?
Because I extrapolated out the most likely path and found that sometime late Saturday evening/early Sunday morning, the eye of Emily (presuming the storm holds at tropical storm strength and shape) will be about 8.5 to 10 miles east of the intersection of World Drive and Buena Vista Drive!!!

If you are going to be in WDW or the Orlando area this weekend, you need to be prepared!!


Thanks for extrapolating for us! :laugh:

I have family arriving at WDW Saturday afternoon, hopefully this won’t have much of an impact on their trip.


I favor the models that kick it out to sea, perhaps skimming the coast. The high over the midwest is still pretty strong. That said anyone headed south should be keeping an eye on this.


Greeeeaaaat! Just be sure it is gone by Tuesday please…


From your lips to God’s ear!


There are two more tropical waves coming right behind. They aren’t organized but they will follow Emily’s track most likely.

Looking at the track it will most likely be high winds and a lot of rain if it gets to Orlando. I suspect it will push off to the east before turning out to sea. Lots of high pressure systems pushing thru the heartland right now…all depends on how powerful and how they move.

Hopefully we still have money in the budget to crank up H.A.A.R.P for this season :wink:


Hope you guys don’t get hit too hard, but GA needs the rain… Maybe it could track a little north…


News is saying most likely heading out to sea after running over the Bahamas.


The 11 PM map shows landfall as being farther up the coast and missing south Florida. Also, on the latest track, it will not pass as close to WDW as it did earlier.
That said, we’re at the far edge of the forecast and at 5 days out, things can change quite a bit. That said, Saturday and Sunday will be pretty crappy no matter what.

And I wouldn’t plan that side trip out to Kennedy Space Center either.

PS: I seem to recall a couple years ago that there was a Hurricane Hanna threatening to hit WDW (and the pool bar at the Yacht/Beach by the same name) and that fizzled out, so…


One of the biggest lessons I had about the unpredictability of hurricanes was given to me by Katrina. Instead of staying on track and heading northwest into Broward County, just off Miami Beach, Katrina made a 90 degree left turn, spun up to hurricane strength and continued to strengthen as it went southwest, tearing up Dade County instead.
And don’t forget Charley that was predicted to strike Tampa and instead made a quick turn to the right and creamed Punta Gorda before its eye went directly over WDW (and also my friend Jim’s house).


I am heading to South Carolina in two weeks…I am keeping my fingers crossed for no hurricanes…luckily I did purchase vacation insurance in case we have to alter our plans.


Just keep turning right Emily


I like the models that have moving parts. I had a swell jet fighter as a kid. took me three weeks to assemble it… what?


We’re starting to gear up for a coast hugging senario if it bounces along and hits a wide area from FL and north. As much as we need the rain, this is not what any of us here on the cast wish on anyone.


Swell . . . :laugh::laugh: Haven’t heard that one since watching Leave It to Beaver as a kid.

Sorry, carry on with the hurricane discussion.


She keeps turning right!


Last I heard there was a possibility it would fall apart after going over the mountains in Haiti & the Dominican Republic. I’m crossing my fingers for that and a sharper turn to the east!


Does anyone have insurance offered to DVC members? What does it cover if I were to purchase it and a hurricane showed for my September trip?


I second that!!


I sent you a pm w/the info