Attention Sushi Lovers!


Just read that they are now serving sushi at the Poly! :wub: Just one more reason to visit!:happy:

The Polynesian Resort has been testing a new sushi bar, Kona Island Sushi Bar, in the evenings at the Kona Island coffee stand, located next to the Kona Cafe. A mini palm tree barrier separates the area from the path to the glass door leading to the monorail. The trial bar offers standard sushi items such as sashimi, California luau roll, and tuna poke, and also has a selection of cocktails and sake. See the menu here: Kona Island Sushi Bar - Polynesian Resort


Ohh YUMMY!! That looks delicious! I am going to have to try and get over there for some cocktails and sushi one day!!


Cool! I…uh, can’t say I’ve ever had the guts to even try sushi…:noo:…but this just might get me to do it!


I like the idea of having another dining selection while at the Poly too.:happy:


The Poly’s my happy place, so I’m always feeling a little more open-minded when I’m there. :laugh:


OooOoOoo Looks like my husband and I will have to have a lil alone time time and sneek off there…
Come to think about it
He doesn’t like sushi either
Maybe momma can sneek off and have a lil alone time!!


This doesn’t look like your average sushi either so you’ll be fine. Honestly, I my favorite sushi is Cream Cheese and Avacado…theres not even any meat!:laugh: :laugh:


Whoa, that counts as sushi?! :eek: Suddenly I’m in! :laugh:


Yup! At most sushi places they give you the check list order form and you just check what you want. Sometimes I add shrimp to it or something but usually it’s just avocado and cream cheese and I slop on lots of soy sauce!

Theres all sorts of stuff like asparagus, cucumber, etc.


Wow that actually sounds delicious! :eek: I could probably do shrimp too…I just can’t handle anything way too fishy. :blow: I guess I assumed all sushi was fishy! :laugh:


I always did too–and most of it is! But my vegetarian friend LOVED sushi and that always confused me until I went and ate it with him once! Then I figured it out!


That’s really good to know! I had a lot of friends in California who loved sushi and I was never brave enough to go with them. Next time I’ll know better!


Wow! I never knew this either . . . the raw fish idea always put me off :blow: I’ll have to check it out next time!


I would think most people don’t eat the raw stuff…I am sure there are lots of people who do…but when I have been around people and we are eating sushi it’s almost always cooked. I am not an expert or anything (obviously) but I think the only thing on the Kona menu that is raw is the tuna…I could be very wrong though.


I like to add a LITTLE of the wasabi in a dish and add some soy sauce to it and mix it REAL good, then dip the piece in it…believe me it doesn’t take much wasabi! :ohmy:


And the salmon…and after this post i know what im eating for lunch tomorrow…


HOLY CRAP! Are they serious with those prices?!


I just mentioned they were serving sushi at the Poly and Ryan said he’d know to “take it easy on the wasabi” next time! :laugh: :blow: (Apparently he learned the hard way!)

Kip - I agree, those prices seem outrageous!


I just looked at the menu . . . hold the sushi . . . I’d be ALL OVER the drinks!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Whoa I didn’t notice the drinks until you said something…sign me up! :laugh: