ATTENTION:Travel Channel To Air Wdw Show At 1pm Eastern Today 5/29!


Travel Channel is repeating their WDW show at 1 PM Eastern today, Memorial Day May 29, 2006. Also for those interested, Noon Eastern is a show on thrill rides. Tonight National Geographic is running a show on coasters as well. SuperCoasters is 2 hours long and airs at 8 PM, 10 PM, and 12 Midnight. A final show on thrill rides will air on National Geographic at 2 AM.


I finally have the travel channel!!! I can watch this. Thank you so much Soundgod for letting me know. I always miss out on this stuff. :heart:


I just knew there were folk out here that wouldn’t want to miss.
By the way Dana, you or one of the other moderators can totally kill this thread tomorrow morning.


It’s fine. We only trash the nasty threads. Nothing nasty about this at all. Quite the opposite… You just made my day.


Yeah, I know. But I also know that something like this thread will live on way past it’s usefulness and even cause people next year to look for a show that isn’t on.


WE’re watching, right now!! Thanks, SG!


bummer, we don’t get the Travel Channel.


ok turns out I still don’t have the travel channel. I just upgraded my cable to digital and thought that the travel channel was one of the channels that I got along with the Disney channels…apparently not…oh well. :crying:


That stinks :c(
Sorry, Dana.


That’s strange. Travel Channel is usually part of expanded basic cable most places. The fact you have digital now and don’t have it is really strange. I can see not having Boomerang or NickToons or ToonDisney, but Travel is usually on everyone’s lineup. Maybe you should call customer service and ask.


Yeah I am going to have to do just that. I have all the others you mentioned but Boomerang. I could have sworn that the Travel channel was one listed when I upgraded. I remember getting very excited that I would now finally be able to watch the WDW specials.