Attn All Visitors in March and April


We are working on our 2010 trip. We are trying to decide if we should go late March over Easter weekend or after April 11 when the “season” drops from Peak to Regular. Its been a long time since I visited during Peak season and wondered if people thought the crowds were bad or not that much of a difference. We def want to visit the water parks so better weather is a plus. Suggestions/Comments?


There are not too many seasons anymore where WDW is really uncrowded - if one exists, Disney will throw in some incentive to people (free dining, State discounts, whatever) to fill up the parks.

That being said - I think I’d prefer April (but not around Easter) over March Springbreak. Springbreak is just scary!:eek: The weather will be nicer in April too. Actually my dd and I took an impromtu trip the first week of March, a couple of years back. It was an excellent time to go - really quiet - but rather cool.


We were there the first week in March this year and it was quite chilly except for the las 2 days. They were selling hats and gloves in the gift shop and people were buying them like crazy!


When I was there in March the crowds weren’t bad (not as bad as peak, not as low as value), but it was chilly several of the days. It would get hot in the afternoon, but cool down so much at night that you either needed to go back to the room and get jackets and pants or carry them around with you all day. I would assume April would be warmer, so I’d choose that.


We’ve been over our Spring Break many times and it’s usually very doable, however when our school system bumped ours a week in 2008 and it coincided with Easter weekend, the parks were pretty crazy. March evenings/nights sometimes need a sweatshirt w/shorts… I would vote to wait until April to go just because of the Easter crowds. We’ve done water parks in both March and April and have been fine.


We are avid April visitors and I suggest going after April 11th. This year we went March 20-April 8th, right before Easter week-end. Weather was hot hot hot, and crowds were great. However, all the reports after our return for the Easter weeks said they parks were filled to capacity. I would never plan a trip over Easter Week-end. Just my preference.


This year we went in the begining part of March. We had a couple of nights that were CHILLY!!. The first night after dinner we walked onto Main St and it was freezing, everyone was in a mad craze trying to find shops w/ sweatshirts to buy, before the fireworks. Including us :eek:!
Our usual time to go is late April and it’s with out a doubt my FAVORITE time to go. Not too hot, but still nice to go in the pool & do the water parks.
And as someone pointed out, do not want to go during spring break, too crazy!!


I have been twice once for part of Easter week and once for all of Easter week starting the Saturday before Easter. Crazy is a real true word for it. but after a long cold winter a week in March or April in FL. is always nice. Easter is April 4th this coming year. I am suppose to be there myself that is our timeshare week but I may rent it out also since going in Oct. this year.

either way have fun.


Our favorite time has been last week of April through first week of May.

Crowds were low (except for smack in the middle of the day), weather was warm to hot during the day, cooler at night. We’d pick the hottest day of the week based on Weather Channel as our water park day, and it always seem to be the best of all worlds.


We usually go in the beginning of February but the last several trips it has been pretty cold. This year we have pushed it to the first two weeks in March with the hopes that it will be a little warmer. Have to say though when we have gone in February we have been pretty lucky to have at least one day where it has been warm enough to go to the water parks, usually just before we are ready to leave, with the heated water it was do able. Hoping this winter isn’t as cold as last and March will be warmer than February.


We like to go in February during presidents day weekend so when we get there it is still pretty quiet but over the holiday weekend it gets busier so the peak-time only attractions are open. One of our favorites is the Carousel of Progress which is only open during peak times.