Aug. crowds?


what are the crowds like 1st week of Aug.?


SMELLY. :blow:

You asked. :laugh:

It is HOT and HUMID. :fork_off:

Did convention there couple of years ago that time frame.

First week is pretty heavy but not as bad as July. Some of the schools down south start back to school sooner. Parks are open later - good time to hit parks first thing in morning, pool & nap afternood then back to parks in evening.


Very hot & humid with lots of people.
We will try to never go in August again.


It’s pretty crowded. I go in August, but go the very last week of august when most school have already started or are getting ready to start. Not to many people there then and the crowds were totally managable. I was out in the mornings at park open and back in the comfort of my air conditioned room by the time most people got up and out of their rooms. This worked to my advantage because I got on everything I wanted to with little or no waits and managed to avoid crowds as well. First week of august is another story. I did that once…once and never again. Being hot is bad enough, but being hot with people all around you is no thank you.


I agree with everything Dana said. Last weeks of August high heat/humidity but lower crowds. First weeks of August high heat/humidity and high crowds (but nothing like over Xmas week). If you go in August, definitely take Dana’s advise about doing mornings and evenings and spending midday in a/c or a pool. Last year it was in the high 90s plus humidity. You basically walked outdoors and were instantly covered in sweat.


We usually go the last week of July and first week of August and the crowds are the same–big. By the end of the second week I think the start to really drop off but that first week has typical summer crowds.


Isn’t it funny how everyone has a different level of tolerance for different situations? I personally wouldn’t enjoy WDW during hot and humid. I love summer but I’m just not interested in sweating my day through WDW. I’ll do high crowds, which personally don’t bother me that much, before I’ll do hot and humid with low crowds. :smile: Different strokes for different folks! :happy:


I came out of the room and simply walked to the food court and was covered in sweat on some days. Hair-dos are a waste of time and anything besdies water-proof make-up is a big huge mistake…lol


Definately different strokes for different folks. I go the last week in august only because I can’t take DD out of school anymore and I would rather sweat my buns off than be in a huge crowd. Heat I can smartly avoid the worse of. Wall to wall people, I cannot tolerate at all…we are talking full blown panic…I’ll take the melting…lol


Agreed…usually I survive with hair ties. I just shower and pull my hair back, but this year my hair was cut too short so it was cute hats (which needed to be washed immediately when I got home!)

I found the mineral powder makeups worked and definitely waterproof mascara!


Revlon makes a water-proof swaet proof foundation that is wonderful! I use it all year actually as it’s light and doesn’t clog my pores like normal liquid make-up. Best mascara on the market is Loreal Volume shocking water-proof mascara in blackest black. It’s so thick you need no liner at all or shadow…totally hot, sexy eyes. I tan in a salon for a few months before I go so I don’t need much make-up by the time I get there…

My hair was in a pony or a bun the entire trip when in the parks…I don’t even bother doing it until we go out to dinner etc. I like to look a little presentable for dinner…or as nutty called it “movie star Dana”…lol


Summer if Florida?
Let’s get real here. I have a pool right outside my back door. I don’t use it! The sun is brutal, it rains every afternoon and early evening and sometimes a shower or two overnight. Did I say it’s Africa hot, and I live 8 miles inland from the coast where we get a bit of a sea breeze, Orlando is 60 miles inland in either direction.
If you must go, go in the later part of the month. Consider that it’s value season for some of the resorts and that the schools are reopening. This is why all Six Flags parks cease weekday operation after about the 17th. Remember that Labor Day will bring a slight spike in crowds. Bring lots of dry clothes, and keep them as light as possible.


The pool in the day wasn’t even something we would consider…we did air conditioned room and a nap…lol Summer is definately hot…WAYYYYYYYYYY hot.


It is crowded, just set your own pace and use fast pass.


I went at the end of july last year and it is just like everyone else has said. Really HOT and really Humid. I remember standing in line for RnR and sweat was just pouring off of me. However this is the easiest time for my family to going since my sister is out for summer break then. Just take your time and try to stay relaxed with the crowds and the heat. The more worked up you get the hotter your body temperature is.


I would have to say avoid it avoit it avoid it. If at all possible go in September. The weather is great and the crowds will be so much less because the kids are back in school!


We used to have to go August cos of school hols but now we are aiming for September. August is just as everyone else has said hot and humid, and I too suffer from the frizzies in the Florida humidity and I have tried every Frizz ease product known to man but nothing can beat that Florida humidity-still, the way I look at it, nobody but DH and DD know me so its scrunchies and up dos for me :slight_smile:


I went in Auust only once and never will again. The humidity almost made me pass out a number of times. Crowd levels were ok, not great, but ok - couple that with the humidity and I’m not having a good time!


Last time we went in August, it was so hot, I could care less about how I looked. Just had to get the hair away from the neck, so every picture has my hair peeled back in a pony tail. Now that I look back, I don’t enjoy the pictures too much. So, this trip in August, I’ve got to figure out a different look. I’m thinking baseball cap. Anyone who can add the pros and cons of wearing hats in hot weather would be great. I guess my biggest concern is do you have to take off for rides?


My DD wears the cap…she prefers it cause the sun gives her a headache and she doesn’t want to be bothered with her hair. She prefers it to the ponytail. You have to take them off for the coasters if you don’t want to lose them…hat hair is interesting to look at when you are in 90 degrees and the sweat forms a circle around your head like a bandana…lol sorry couldn’t help myself. You had to see the mega hat head my DD had this past trip…it was comical. I can’t do hats…hate them personally and go for the pony and sunglasses.