August Crowds/Weather?


We keep switching the dates of when we are going to Disney. My work kind of made up our minds, eliminating vacations during June and July, so August, here we come. Can you give us an idea of how the crowds are the middle of August. I would imagine it’s going to be hot, but how’s the rain factor, crowds, etc.?


Still the middle of Hurricane season here, so could be pretty wet at times. Also still very hot. The crowds will be huge but not so much since school will have started back at that time. But as I always say, DO NOT let the thoughts of big crowds keep you from having a great time at the best place on Earth.


This is the second year we are going mid-late August. I also have to choose these dates for work purposes and there are definately pros and cons. We will be there from August 18th-26th and by that time nearly all of the Florida children are back in school and the up north children with the going the following week so it is REALLY pretty slow. Last year, for even MAJOR attractions we never had a stand-by wait more than 20 minutes. That part of it was awesome.

On the con side… the WEATHER! EVERYDAY the high was between 99-104 degrees and it rained EVERY SINGLE day at some point between 1-4pm. The only good news about this is the showers usually only lasted a short time, and because the crowds were low & you’re able to get a lot done in the morning, we were able to plan that late afternoon time back at our hotel to rest, visit the arcade, etc…

Otherwise, my only other warning is what Rowdy mentioned… HURRICANES! Keep an eye out for the weather forecast in advance and have a plan JUST IN CASE travel adjustments have to be made. We ALWAYS get travel insurance from just in case when going in August.

All in all, the trade off between virtually NO CROWDS, yet possible yucky weather is all in what you make it. We had a GREAT time last year and hope for the same this year. I WILL say the FIRST YEAR i have tenure at my job I am switching to mid-May!

See you in August :smile:




I think early August is crowded Catfish, when we went in mid/late August it was nearly empty many mornings.


You’re right, Wish. Schools are starting back earlier each year, so by mid August the crowds should be a bit lighter.


VERY hot and steam bath humid. Daily thunderstorms but they usually pass quickly.


Thanks for asking the question bethishooked. We will be there at the same time and I was wondering the same thing.

I think the rain showers will feel good. :cool:


Unfortunately its the thick humidity and 100+ degrees that makes it feel not so good. I lived in south Florida for 12 years though, so I can deal. Hey, any weather while in WDW is better than weather being at home. hehe.


August is my favorite time to go! The crowds are not big at all (because many schools are already back). It can get pretty warm, but it usually rains in the afternoon for a very short time and it begins to cool down. Just make sure you don’t forget the swim suits so you can go back to the resort and take a quick dip in the pool before going to see fireworks or whatever you have planned for that night’s activities.


I remember the daily afternoon rain shower, and it is really hot. The crowd levels go down the later into AUgust you go. We have been at the beginning of August when it is very crowded and then right before Labor Day when it is really pleasant in terms of crowds.