August Discounts?!?!?


Does anyone know when the August Discounts will be released?


If they have them at all, my best guess would be after June 4th when the free dining promotion ends … but rumor has them coming out every other day …


see the thread in Resorts…


I just got an email for August discounts from them the other day. But there is a code and I didn’t post it because someone here said once that they are not transferrable.
I will go and look in the Deleted Items to get the code. Back in a flash!


There are currently two August discounts out now, the free dining starting on August 13 and the Annual Passholder discount for some of the deluxe resorts ending on August 5. My guess is the only other thing we will see will be AP and FL resident room only discounts for the rest of August sometime in the coming weeks.


subject: Jones Family, here is your August Disney wish come true!

You have recieved a personalized email from you Disney Vacation =
Planner. To view this email please Click below.
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I guess just copy and past this into your browser. good luck, I hope this is what you’ve been looking for.