August Park Hours?


Anyone have any ideas what the extra magic hours in August will be? We are only staying a few days and wanted to be sure to be at MK for an evening EMH.


I don’t know if this is going to work but I looked at current EMH and tried to find a pattern, like MK morning EMH are always on this day of the week and that day of the week for evening EMH. I put together a rough plan for our July trip, I can’t wait to see if I picked it correctly. Since I can’t book dining until 90 days out I have a bit of a wait yet.


I wish they would go ahead and post June hours already!!:ohmy:


I know I got spoiled getting park hours more than 6 months out so it’s really hard waiting until 3 months to get hours and make ADRs.


i can’t wait for may/june hours!! hmmm…i haven’t checked in a few days, maybe i’ll go look. again.


I dont know… Im going in May and I cannot seem to find any hours beyond April. I called Guest Services and (she) said “Its on the website” I said “I dont think so I have looked many times now unless you have the Magic to see something I dont”. She replied back with “You are right its not listed and we see the same information you do!”. So It may be too far out or WDW is playing with our enthusiasm LOL :blink: