August parties?


Are there any MK evening parties in the month of August?

Love to see some night time parties in the other parks…

And are EMH in the evening noticeably less crowded? I know there are times when they are packed, but is it still an improvement?


We did an evening EMH in the MK during August 2006 on a Sunday and it was nuts up until about an hour before closing.
Also I was in MGM during an evening EMH in July and it was also nuts trying to ride ToT or the coaster. But the crowds were lightening.


As of right now I know of one party scheduled during August. The first MNSSHP on the 29th. If they have any P and P parties, I’ll let ya’ll know.


Well listen Mamma, if you are there in August & a DVC member you can probably catch a “Summer Block Party!” We went a couple years ago & it was a BLAST! They held it at PI, only DVC members and their guests could get in. Free mickey bars & snacks, DVC giveaways, dance parties, games, it was A LOT of fun!

Otherwise, when we went for Girl Trip in August they had the P&PP going on but it rained like cats & dogs. :laugh:

I never noticed the EMHs being any LESS crowded, it seemed like the normal EMHs crowds to me. Definately not PACKED though.


I lvoe the idea of the block party!!!

And how do they have the off-property guests leave the parks for an EMH?


You have to have a wrist band to ride the rides. You can only get a wrist band with a room key–one band per key.


Before you are allowed to enter any queue the CMs always ask to see the wrist band. They do start to not ask about an hour before closing. But if you’re going to put up with 2 hours of doing nothing but walk and shop for that last ride on Space Mountain, you’re harder core than I am.


Soundgod is correct missdisney. IT’s a wrist band event…CM are always checking them to be sure you belong there.

Rowdy - any idea when the MNSSHP is going to be announced?


Yes, they were SUPER STRICT at last Saturdays P&PP they had two CMs at each entrance of each section of the park . … and they checked your band . … and then maybe 50 ft in, they checked it again . . . they were allowing non party guest to stay on Main Street to shop I presume . . . There was one couple who got REALLY angry they wouldn’t let them through, I felt so badly for the CM having to handle them! :frown:


I have seen that at MNSSHP before…I personally like to mock said rude people loud enough for them to hear me to take the pressure off the CM:ph34r: :laugh:


Thanks everyone…
And Steph, glad you mentioned this! Usually, we only ask for a room key for my husband and another formyself. Now I will be sure to ask for one for each of the kids as well!


You won’t even have to ask, they’ll get one at check in with their name on it. The only thing you will be asked is if you want them to be able to charge on the key. My son has always gotten one and we have never asked for it.


Last year (well, August 2006) we were in WDW and had a friend of mine and his son who were up at the same time, but staying off property and there was an EMH for the MK that night. I was able to have room keys made for them, without charging privileges so they could be in the park with us that night. There was no problem, I guess partly because our room had 2 queen beds. Of course, we were room only and not part of an MYW package.


Sadly, not at this time. :sad:


We will be there at that time. We are also cruising Nov. 1, and thought about MNSSHP on Oct. 30. Do you think it will be to crazy then or should we try for Aug.?