August question


Hello! I have the thought of going in either December (between Christmas and New Years) or the first week of August.
If I picked August, what is the likelihood of a hurricane? Which time would you rather go? Thanks!


In years gone by we always had to go close to or actually in August due to school holidays. We have seen several aftermaths of hurricanes, but found that Disney and the resorts were always well prepared and professional in their approach to this type of weather.
August too can be pretty busy and very hot- but it is Flordia and it is also most countries school breaks so I guess its to be expected.
I think going between Christmas and New Years would be fun too- anytime is a good time at Disney world!


I would rather go in August. The chances of a hurricane are not that high. It is hurricane season, but the Orlando area rarely gets hit significantly. I don’t think you will have anything to worry about.

Keep in mind that it is very hot that time of year in FL, but it will be much less crowded than the other week you are considering. Plus it will cost less. The week after Christmas is peak rates and the August week is regular rates.


I’ve been three times in August and only once have we had some sort of hurricane/tropical storm activity. We were there when Ernesto blew threw in 2006 but it really didn’t affect us at all except for one evening of torrential rain. It started around 6:00 pm or so and lasted all night. We just left the park and spent the night in the POR lounge. It was not a big deal at all really, though it is a risk you take going at that time of year.


When our kids were young we often went the end of August - and there was usually a hurricane warning. We were fortunate that we never encountered one (although my dd Emily was really disappointed when Hurricane Emily passed us by). I wouldn’t worry about hurricanes. On the slight possibility of it occurring, WDW knows how to handle the situation well. I’d definitely go in August. (between Christmas & NY it’s unbearably crowded.:pinch:)