August Trip! Dining Decisions!


So, we literally just decided TONIGHT, that we can actually afford a Disney trip this summer! So we are booking on Sunday and of course, I am jumping RIGHT ON dining ressie’s.

I’m using online reservations, because the Dining phone line obviously isn’t working at 1am… lol. :glare:

BUT, alas, the first tragedy… Le Cellier (my brothers favorite restaurant, that we haven’t been able to get a ressie at since 2005!!!) is obviously booked, both lunch and dinner, for our entire 7 day stay!!! :crying:

I feel bad, it’s the one place he really wanted too! :pinch:

BUT, here is the dining line up! We are trying some new places/places I haven’t eaten in a while. And I need a suggestion, we need a TWO ticket dining sit down to fill our Le Cellier spot in the calendar. I’m open to suggestions, but we were thinking Hoop Dee Du Revue or Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. Any thoughts??? :blink:

All are going to be like 8pm ish dinners!
AUGUST 28th–[/B] Liberty Tree Tavern (new!)
[B]AUGUST 29th–[/B] Via Napoli (new!)
[B]AUGUST 30th–[/B] 'Ohana (new! Instead of the Luau)
[B]AUGUST 31st–[/B] Cape May Cafe (I’ve eaten there before, but don’t recall the food.)
[B]SEPTEMBER 1st–[/B] ??? (since Le Cellier is booked… :blink::closedeye)
[B]SEPTEMBER 2nd–[/B] Biergarten.
[B]SEPTEMBER 3rd–[/B] Departure Day, so just a QS at DTD! Probably Wolfgangs! :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe an in park QS since we have 7 day PH.

Yay! I’m so excited to be going back. It’s just going to be my mom, dad and me and my brother! Me and my brother decided we are going to pay for the trip this time! :happy: Thought it’d be a nice thing to do for my parents! Especially considering me and my brother make good money now too.


Great ADR’s! And that is so nice of you and your brother to pay for the trip! Have a great time!


Glad you are able to go!! Wow, a trip paid for by the children!!! Fabulous!!! That is wonderful that you would do that for your parents!


How nice of you and your brother to foot the bill. Your parents raised two great kids! Your dining selections look great, how about trying either Narcossesse or California Grill. We always hit both when we go.


What a nice gift to your parents. How about trying Kona Cafe, Boma or Sanaa. Sanaa has really good food and a great view of the animals at AKL.


Don’t give up on Le Cellier! Keep checking back!!! You never know what will be open the next time you look! :happy:


Haha, I figured I’d keep checking back, but I want to make back up ressie’s in case we really can’t get Le Cellier, then if Le Cellier clears up I can just cancel the other ADR! :happy:


Thank you! Well we are doing Ohana, which is similar to Kona. And my mom doesn’t want to eat at anywhere Moroccan or African, because she ate at an AK restaurant in the 90s and really didn’t like it lol. I want to try Boma though!


Oh, I’m sorta interested in Narcossesse, can you tell me a little bit about the food by chance?


Hahaa, thank you! We wanted to do it for them, and we’re saving, my mom said if we needed any help she’d fill in the rest, but we really want to do the whole thing :laugh: It’s our turn right? After 20 some years of footing the bill, it’d be nice to be repaid, right! :blush:


Stacey you have some great ADR’s there! I have been lucky enough to do all those and they are all fab! As the others said, dont give up on Le Cellier there may be cancellations and it’s so good there- delighted about your August trip and looking forward to your TR xx


can i adopt you?:laugh::laugh::laugh:anyway narcooses is great food steak, good seafood … we always go for our anniversary… great surf and turf, filet and lobster… good desserts… it our favorite place to eat … have a great vacation.


I agree with Little Miss, stay persistent on Le Cellier!! You WILL get it.

I just got it today after trying for a day.


Narcoossee’s - Grand Floridian - Dinner Menu

I hope this above link works, it’s the menu for Narcossess. Like Faerie Dust said, they have a great surf and turf, If you get reservations at the right time, you can see the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. They handle the firework show the same as California Grill, pipe in music, lower the lights. You can also see the light parade of boats while your dining. It’s a very nice place to go.


I don’t know if La Hacienda De San Angel is one or two tickets… But it’s AWESOME! I would give that one a shot… And if you do, try to get an 8:30pm ressie. Then you’ll have a fantastic view of Illuminations…

I also love the Hoop Dee Doo Revue. It’s a lot of fun and you definitely get a LOT to eat as well… If you haven’t “done” it yet, I would roll with that. You will not be disappointed… It’s fun for the whole family!


Great choices! Hoop De Doo is great! We LOVE it! It may be tough to get now also but worth a try for sure! Hopefully Le Cellier will open up before you go. Have a great time!


Hoop De Do or California Grill.
If I had two credits I would choose either one. If you have been to CG then most definitely try HDD Review.