Ok, everyone, I need some more weather advice.

The long story short is that my aunt is planning a trip with her 2 kids and it has evolved into a quasi-Magical Gathering with me and my mom tagging along and possibly my other aunt coming as well. My aunt with the kids wants to shoot for the last week in August since it will mean no time lost from school for her kids AND the free dining plan. Even though I know it will be hot, hot, hot, I am ok with it and my mom is too. It is my other aunt that is a little leery.

So my question is, who has been in August and how hot, hot, hot and uncomfortable can it really be? I know everything is totally unpredictable and it is also hurricane season, but I would love to hear anyoen else’s past experiences at this time of year.



It is very hot and humid. It usually rains every afternoon for about 20-30 minutes. Stay well-hydrated and take advantage of early entrance hours. Then when it starts to get really hot, go back to the hotel for a rest/swim. Look for airconditioned attractions or restaurants to take a break in the heat of the day. bring plenty of water.


We’ve gone in August the past 3 years and are booked again this year. Upside, crowds are down a little with the southern schools back mid Aug. Downside, it is hot and yes, there will likely be a daily rain shower. Tons of water, tons of sunscreen and hats all around. You have to pace yourselves, you don’t want to overheat. We got caught in a downpour and had to by dry clothes before our dinner reservation, arrived to the airport with rain coming in after a hurricane but even hot and wet, we still have a blast.

The grandparents are talking about coming with us this year and they’ve been warned, " you can come if you agree to drink when we tell you! and rest when we tell you!". Can’t wait!


We have been at WDW in Aug 3 times. DH will not go back in Aug, he says it is way too HOT. Anyhow DH coaches football, so when football practice starts, I take DD to WDW for a Mommy and Me trip.
Anyhow it is very hot and humid! Pack extra shirts because we go through 2 shirts a day. You get very hot and sticky, so a new shirt for the evening is a must!
Get out early when it is not as hot. Go back to your hotel to take a rest/swim break, the heat really does take a lot out of you.
But most important- Have fun you are in WDW, there are many attractions that are airconditioned so you can cool off!


Thanks for the tips and input, everyone. Keep em coming!