We are in planning mode for 2007.

Looks like we’d like to try mid to late August next year (we don’t mind the heat)

Anyone know when in August the summer crowds die down?



Yup, that would be us! Since living in NJ and becoming a teacher we have gone that 3rd-last week in August every year. It is a FABULOUS time as far as crowds go because there are none! :laugh: The weather is REALLY tropical, meaning heavy downpours every late afternoon but the upside to that is because you get so much done in the morning, due to lack of crowds, that you can just make that rain time your nap/relaxation period back at your resort.

This year we are leaving the 18th and coming home the 26th, this is the SAME week we went last year with no crowds. I would say it starts dropping off BIG TIME when the counties in Florida start going back. I know Palm Beach County goes back around the 12th of August and I can’t imagine Broward, Dade, Oceola, etc… being much different.

(Just get insurance that covers hurricane cancelations/delays, etc)


This will be our 4th August trip. You pace yourself for the heat, drink lots of water and bring tonnes of sunscreen.

The local kids are back in school mid-august and that makes a difference. I think Orange county is back this year on the 8th. (don’t try to hit Wal-Mart the weekend of the 5th, we made that mistake one year).

There are lines but not generally not 90 minute waits, anything over 20-30 minutes and we move onto the next option. We’re pretty flexible and relaxed in our approach, kinda the “Don’t worry, Be Happy” approach. :happy:


Buzz, I am going the last week in August this year, I will let you know how the crowds are. But like Wish said, everything I have heard from people who have been at the end of August is that the summer crowds have really died down.

I imagine the crowds must be less at this time or they wouldn’t be offering a great deal like the free dining to try to drum up more business.


Good point about the Hurricanes, though we’ve been lucky. We got one of the only flights approved out of Boston the day after 2004 hurricane hit Orlando. Disney magic was at play though. AK was closed one day additional day, checking fencing no doubt. Most everything else opened first thing the next day, signs of a little water damage to trees, fountains shut down, but that was about it. And NO Crowds!

Credit and sympathy to CM’s, some of them had real problems at home and still were expected to smile. I did feel a little guilty and tipped a little higher.


The last week of August is suposedly a good time to go. Most of the southern schools are back in session and you only have to fight the northerns and people from other countires for a place in line. I went the 2nd week of august one year and it was MOBBED! I hope that last week is all it’s suppose to be.


Pinellas County (Tampa, St. Pete area) is back in school on the 8th, which is nice. I would say go in the end of August, but Pete’s birthday is Aug. 27th, and we went that day last year and it was pretty crowded. I really don’t think it becomes good until later in Sept., but if you have to go in August, go in the end of the month.


Our plans exactly! We are in planning mode for August 2007. Thanks for posting this thread!!


Another vote for the end of August - that use to be our favourite time. Our kids didn’t go back to school until mid-September. A great time to go (but avoid Labour Day).


Aw, Buzz, I thought this thread was going to say that you guys were going to go back THIS August–to take advantage of the free dining!


My birthday is August 27th as well… it’s a small world after all! :wink:


We went once the week before Labor Day and I thought it was perfect. I like the heat (I only remember feeling like I was melting once on that trip) and the crowd levels were pretty good.


I went at the end of Aug last year and am going again this year… Last year wasnt bad at all, a little more than I thought it would be but we never waited more than 30 min fr anything… This year I dont know already ADRs are slim pickins…


I thought the same thing when I read this thread. Have fun plannign, I bet the crowds are pretty decent that time of year.


bluejasmine, you are right. i just called to make ADRs for the last week in August and it was much less open than I thought it would be!


I was there for Labor Day weekend a few years ago and suprisingly, it wasn’t that crowded! :eek:


I soooooooo wish!
Looks like my countdown is in limbo for now.
I know we’ll end up going back, but not till sometime next year.