Aulani here I come


Only 2 more days and my DW and I are off to Oahu Hawaii to spend 9 day at Aulani.

I just have to finish off this last day at work first.

Trip report will have to be posted after I return


OOH Have a great trip! Hawaii is a great place!


I am excited for you and Toria. There better be a really grandiose trip report with fabulous pictures coming soon :biggrin:


I am SO excited for you CDavis!! We leave in 34 days. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your Trip Report. Have a SUPER time!!!


One of you two needs me to carry their luggage, I just know it!


So exciting!!!


I am soooo jealous! Have a wonderful trip! I’m looking forward to your TR!!


I’m excited for you! I’m trying to convice DH to go there in Feb or March. Maybe your trip report can convince him.


No doubt you will have a wonderful time!


Thank you everyone for the wishes. In the past at WDW i’ve always done a live trip report but this time i’m deciding to do it after to just relax and enjoy everything. I will also include lots of pictures.


Now only a couple of hours away from heading out to the airport for our for our Aulani trip.

So excited.


I have heard that it is one of the best beach resorts in its price category!!

And the water park that it encloses makes it extremely family friendly.

I think you will have a fabulous time there!!



Today is the first day of what is sure to be an excellent vacation – please post lots of pics when you return!


Can’t wait to read all about it!!


Have a wonderful time, I can’t wait to read all.


Camera Roll-20 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

Camera Roll-21 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

Camera Roll-22 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

Here is just a teaser pictures of the hotel from our room. Again I will do a trip report but after, and trust me I have some very good Disney magic first day goodness to share.


WOW. I cannot wait for your report! Enjoy your trip!


What a TEASE!! Looks beautiful! Makes me want to pack my bags NOW. What “view” do you have?? We have an island view and a pool view next month. Can’t wait to see and hear more about your trip when you get home!


We were within inches of joining DVC the first year they offered it but since my company was paying for my trips there didn’t seem to be a point.

If they had all the destinations outside of WDW back then it would have been a no brainer! Oh well I can always live vicariously thru other’s trip reports!

Enjoy the trip,


We have an ocean view room