Aulani room types and their locations


I’m not sure where I read it but I saw somewhere that certain room types are located together. Wondering if this is true.
I would like to know if this senario is possible. Could I book a studio room with DVC points for my parents, and then pay cash for a room with 2 real beds (just called a standard room according Disney website), but have the 2 rooms near each other??
I guess I’m wondering if they put all of the studios, for example, in one section, and all of the 1 bedrooms etc., in another.


I believe the different room sizes are scattered throughout the resort. We are going next month (yippee) and requested a 2 bedroom but ended up on a waitlist for it. We currently have two studios, pool view and island view. When we were put on the waitlist, she explained we could be put on two different ones. One for the regular 2 bedroom and the other for a 2 bedroom lockout. The lock out is a studio and a one bedroom with a locking door inbetween…so that is why I think they have different types scattered throughout the resort. When it’s your time to book, do NOT delay! My mother-in-law, my friend, and I all called 1st thing on our 7th month window day and none of us got 1st choice. MIL got an ocean view studio (she wanted a standard view, but ocean view was the only thing available…she called directly after me), our friend got a 1 bedroom but was hoping for a 2 bedroom and then a studio (she called after my mother in law) and when I called there was only the pool view,the island view and the beach view (that my MIL took) available and we waitlisted the 2 bedroom. Maybe it’s just the time of the year that we’re going, but I keep going into the DVC site to check availability and it’s totally full in all room categories. CRAZY! SO BOOK EARLY!!!


We just got back and the rooms are scattered. Next door to us was a one bedroom and on the other side was a studio. As far as the “Standard” rooms I’m not 100% sure. Do remember the tower that we were in the EWA tower was on partially complete. There is a large wing of that tower that is still being worked on. The other tower is completely open.


Thanks for posting guys. Regarding the booking: I was afraid of there only being a slim chance of getting in. I will try and book early. You never know I may get lucky.


DVC is still building, so depending on when you go, they may have another entire section open. Good Luck!


Thanks I think I really need it. I don’t even know if I would be able to get the time off work, but I can get pretty creative when it comes to going somewhere that Disney is involved.