Aulani trip report


Have been here now 3days and I am here to report aualani is a hit,great location,lovely resort,we thought this would be a one time trip or once every 5 years but it looks like we are going to add more points and make this a very frequent future trip destination…room,a standard studio is very nice and the food has been the same very good…the lagoon is up to Disney standard as are the pools ,Jacuzzi and lazy river…on another note you might have heard about the great waves this past day,I am here to tell you they were spectacular"wow"…the place is very picturesque…more later


Glad to hear it. It’s a great location on the west coast alough it wouldn’t have have been my pick of the islands. But it’s the easiest to get to and it’s far enough away from the big city feel.

We want the redhead, I mean the pictures. Or at least pictures of a redhead on the beach. :laugh:


yesterday went to the punchbowl and the pearl harbor and Arizona tour,very good and very emotional…had dinner at the royal hawaian with some friends and that too was very nice,had asurprise fireworks at the lagoon lastnight it was for the NFL pro bowl festivities right next door,once again aualni is very good experience and I highly recommend it to all…


Pictures! Please!


Had dinner tonight at AMA AMA, wow it was a complete surprise,I would rank it right up there with citricos, narcoosee range, we were caught off guard we did not expect it to be that good…nice


My dream vacation pictures please