Just booked aulani…8 days in January…very excitied and looking forward too seeing what its like…now getting the the tricky airfares down …should be able to get about 350 or so that seems like the pricing the last several years hopefully that is so this year …aloha


Fantastic!! I would love to go to Aulani! Will this be your first trip?


yes …we are so looking forward to the Disney experience…just keep your fingers crossed that airfares will become a little more reasonable as we go forward


It’s such a gorgeous place! You’re going to have a fantastic time!


thank you,looking forward to it,very much…


It’s amazing!!! We flew Hawaiian air from LAX in feb for $310 rt per. Hope you find a good deal.


right now about 450 but I expect like last year the prices drop around the fall…heres hoping


Oh my, I am so jealous- good luck with the air fare search.


it should be OK ,thanks for the good wishes,money isn’t the object my upbringing is, I hate to pay too much for anything…


Oh me too…nothing worse than going ahead with a purchase only to realize later you could have gotten a better deal…:laugh:


I’d love to go…but flying from Philly to Hawaii was almost more than aulani itself!


airfare prices are still out of control in my opinion and with all the mergers they may not get better


I have a nice kayak you can borrow.


You’re going to love Aulani! I hope the airfare cooperates for you and you can get it at a decent price. We went to Aulani in June 2012 and paid top dollar for airfare…booked 4 1/2 months out, but prices weren’t budging. We’re hoping to go again next June and fingers crossed that airfare will come down for us. What type of room/location did you book??


regular studio…


Nice! We tried for standard studios after our 1st choice of a 2 bedroom didn’t pan out, but had to get the only two studios available~a garden/island view and a pool view. We were trying to conserve points but all of the standards were booked. Hopefully since new phases have opened up more rooms, maybe we’ll get our 1st choice, just have to wait til November to book and see what works out! Can’t wait to hear about the new additions and changes and enhancements that have been made since June 2012. You’re gonna LOVE Aulani! :heart:


thank you …it is Disney after all…


Can you just go in and look around like you can at the resorts in Disney World?The reason I’m asking is DW has a seminar in Honolulu next July and we wanted to see Aulani Resort while we are there.


I don’t know that answer but they have a number to call and ask that question also I don’t know if there is a DVC location there so that might be the ticket into get a good peak


Yes, but parking is $30.