Authorized ticket in orlando?


Ok so my family wants to go to Disney and I guess these tickets we got from my neighbors will most likely not work. Does anyone know where I could get cheaper tickets to Disney? I found a few people on craigslist and they say that you have to pick them up in an office but I’m still afraid they could be a scam. I don’t wanna sound like a cheapskate but my dad is unemployed and I really want to take my niece to Disney World. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate the help! thanks :heart:


Go to… they have legitimate ticket sources where you can save a little money (but not much).

I wouldn’t trust Craigslist.


Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


ONLY BUY TICKETS at WDW windows, resorts as part of your package, or from authorized retailers. Another site besides the one you have to find authorized ticket sellers is on Ebay, craiglist and all the other sites put almost everyone at risk of a total loss.


I agree, I’ve been told there are alot of fake tickets circulating especially on places like Ebay amd apparently they are very very good fakes too. Try and stick to the reputable authorised retailers.


Stick to only reputable dealers.


I use Undercover Tourist. They are discounted and you don’t have to pay taxes. You order on line, and very quickly, your tickets are delivered to you via mail. And, they are real tickets, not vouchers.


There is one time I bought discount tickets for Disney Quest.
There was an attractions counter at the Perkin’s at the corner of International Drive and Sand Lake Rd. They didn’t have the tickets there, I needed to pick them up at another location. They were valid, but it was a bit more of a hassle than I wanted to go through.
I’d stick to what others are suggesting.


Sign up at Mousesavers asap! On the 15th of the month they send a newsletter in which there is a link for Undercover tourist. They have discounted prices that are cheaper than Disney. No tax and no shipping. We have used them for practically every trip! Never a problem! You must sign up BEFORE the 15th of the month because if you sign up on the 15th you will have to wait for the following month.