Autograph Books


This year when we went to WDW, I had made my DD an Autograph book because there just doesn’t seem to be that much selection. Does anyone else do this too?

Do you think there is some type of market for this?

I know they don’t really have anything at the OTHER park for Autograph books either and noticed that a lot of people were bringing their WDW books there.

If I could figure out how to post a picture, I would show you her book. I think it is really cute and we got LOTS of compliments on it when we were there.

It is a small spiral bound scrapbook that I put some decorative paper on and then put protective coating over it so it wouldn’t get dirty or torn. I embelished the spirals with ribbon…very cute if I do say so myself.


Sounds great! You must be very crafty.


That sounds very creative. That way she can get all kinds of autographs and they do not all have to be Disney characters.


They do have a limited number of books… I think there are some people that would love to have them, depending on the cost factor.


That does sounds really cute! I hope you are able to post a picture-I would love to see it!


I wanna pic too!! I am trying to decide how to do ours this time.

If i could sew, I’d have them do fabric squares and turn it into a quilt - but I don’t even own a sewing machine!

Also thinking about buying different colored solid/faint printed papers and cutting them into squares and having them sign those (keeping them in envelopes, signed and blanks seperated) & then making a scrapbook with those and the pic I take.


The Wal-mart in Kissimmee has a selection of Disney autograph books that were much cheaper than the ones in the parks. 1.99 vs 5.95+ They are not the same as the ones in park though.
I really like the idea making your own before the trip. I think that would be a great way to prepare, get the kids excited, and prob save money too.


People would definitely buy them. I scrapbook and I have seen really cute ones. I considered making one to take with me but then I thought I would rather do small index cards and make the book when I get back. That way each character can have a specially made page for the signature.

Try checking out ebay to see what kinds of paper crafts are for sale on there. You could always make one and post it as an auction. If no one buys it just save it for your next trip. :happy:


Remember to put your name and address in your book. We lost DS’ book and right after we got back home their was a package addressed to him from the Magic Kingdom Lost and Found department.


That’s great. I would have been so disappointed not to have that. Glad he got it back so quick :happy:


I love this idea!! I am always trying to think of something different to do with our autographs. I’m going to think about doing this on our next trip!


I was thinking of doing something like this but I decied to put some papers together for the autographs and when we get back put the autographs next to the pics in my big scrapbook.

Packerbeth how much are your books and can I see what they look like?


Homemade autograph books create so many more memories than the store-bought kind.

I remember back in 2002, we were on a trip with another family and were staying in our condo in Orlando. I got up bright and early that morning and started preparing for MGM. We had a character lunch at Hollywood and Vine (back before Playhouse invaded), and as I reached for my autograph book, I realized that the other 3 kids didn’t have books. So, I cut stacks of computer paper in half longways, and then folded the cut sheets in half and stapled them in the center of the fold. I then got out markers and crayons, and let them decorate their own. When my sister saw their books, she wanted one of her own. And, I ended up making one for myself. Although our books weren’t very artistic or professional-looking, we got tons of compliments the rest of the week. I still have my book (although I’m not so sure the other kids have theirs).

Now I make a new autograph book for every new park I visit (Universal, Carowinds…), and for special trips (band trip, group trip). My books are much more professional, now, but I still love that amateur, homemade look.

I say keep making autograph books. Decor possibilities are endless. But, if you’re looking for a manufactured look, Oriental Trading carries cheap autograph books. I’ve seen some Disney books at convenience stores in the area. You could also use a Disney notebook, not necessarily intended for autographs.


Here is the autograph book that I had made for my DD. Hope the pictures come through OK.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… that is ADORABLE!!! I love the little Mickeys! (I have that paper! I used it in my Disney ABC book) The fringe at the top definitely adds the girly flair. That is much cuter than any of Disney’s $6 (or have they bumped up the price?) autograph books!


That is gorgeous…nice work.


That’s really cute. I agree with Victoria, I love the ribbon. It’s a very nice touch. :mickey:


Here are a couple of Autograph books that I made for some friend’s of our’s kids. I didn’t want the Cars one to look too “sissyfied” because it was for a boy, but I thought it needed something on the spirals.

I’m thinking about making a few of these and selling them on ebay. Do you think they would be a hit? Sure could use extra Disney fund money:blush:


I don’t think anything homemade sells well on ebay.


Yes, I think these would be a HUGE hit! There are a bunch of people who sell autograph books on ebay…I’ve seen MANY!

How much would you sell something like this for? What do the pages look like inside? I LOVE the ribbon on each book! SO CREATIVE!!!