Autograph books?


Hi all,

I was looking for Disneyland autograph books to put in my kiddos easter baskets. I am having trouble finding stuff on the internet. Any ideas???



check ebay…there’s several sellers.


yep, there is one with only 2 hrs. left right now…

DISNEY PIN 5OTH ANNIVERSARY AUTOGRAPH BOOK UNUSED - eBay (item 330209769536 end time Feb-11-08 15:46:14 PST)


Try this site:

Gifts of a Lifetime Shopping Page


We have used them by the way… they were great!!!


This site is also really well-stocked!!!

Disney Shopping: Search Results - Page - The LaughingPlace Store


Thanks all, checked laughing place and was hoping for a different hard cover. Checked Gifts of a lifetime, but it looks like it is only for WDW. Oh well, I guess I will just tell them, I can’t keep a secret anyway!! LOL


You can also order directly from DLR over the phone too - 714.781.7290, good luck!


Thanks alot, I will try!!!


You could make your own! There are tons of how-tos and ideas all over the internet if you do a quick search!


I thought of that too. I may have the kiddos design their own. Like I said, I can’t keep a secret and we told them last night. So exciiiiiited!!!


There is a scrapbooking Disney-themed book we have used for our 4-yr old (and we have bought them for our younger twins). The cover has the classic mickey ears in the corner, and has 6x6 inch removable pages. Our DDs is up to like 75 characters. My DW has them sign on a corner or bottom of the page, then she adds the pic of our DD with the character after we get home. It really personalizes it and helps our DD remember the “magic times”. I think it may be a Creative Memories product, but need to ask my DW for confirmation.

Prezcatz Paul


Thanks, that sounds so cool. I think I will google disney scrapbooks.




I used a Creative Memory album (which I had embossed with Mickey Ears) and had blank pages in the album. I would have my son hand the character the book so that they could write on either side of the album- then i would leave the other page blank for the picture… and it turned out AWESOME! So it basically became a photo autograph book- One of my favorites so far!


This seller has a ton of different books and they come with pens :smile: . I just ordered from them and they are great. eBay Store - Disney Smiles Store: Disney Autograph Books w Pen, DISNEY PRINCESS, Disney Pens


I have gotten Disney Autograph books from this site:

They were great to deal with! Their books were soft cover, though. But each page has an adorably themed decorated border! :happy:


What a great website!! Yeah, I am worried about the soft cover, we are forever jamming it into the camera bag and thought it might tear it up.


Yea, I saw those too. They are cute, love it with the pens. Did you recieve it yet? Was just wondering if it was more like a notebook cover, instead of a hard cover.