Autograph books




Those are so pretty!! I love the ribbon trim! Thanks for posting the details!!


I am not into this type of stuff, but seeing how nice your books are, makes me wish I was.


GORGEOUS! You can sell these!!! :wub:


Really great!! I don’t know why I never thought to make an autograph book for my nieces. We just always buy them. And they are always like “I want a Ariel one…” or “I want a Peter Pan one…” And we are always like okay… wellll you can have a Mickey and gang on or a princess one… hahaha. :laugh:

I think I’ll take requests and make them for the kiddos for the next trip! Great idea! Thanks.

I would personally like to take a second to thank PrincessJill for creating my new favorite section on MB!!! :wub: :heart: :heart: :heart:


The more I see of these custom autograph books the more I want to try to make one myself. It just seems like such a wonderful idea! They’re lovely :heart:!


How pretty… A few years ago, we took photos from our previous trip and had them signed. I love looking through those pictures.


I love the ribbons! Those are so cute and personal!!!