What is the best writing tool for the WDW characters to use when
signing autographes?



I believe a thick pen/pencil is best…isn’t that why they sell the thick autograph pens?


Yes, the thicker the better, it is easier for the characters to hold them.


Dana made us packing lists, and in them she mentioned a fat pen for autographs :c)

So, when she wrote that, I assumed they needed a fatter pen for their big cartoon hands :c)


I like those big fat sharpies, but make sure what you’re writing on doesn’t bleed.


It’s true, they need the big fat pens. It’s a little known fact, but literate animals can ONLY write with fat pens… :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


the fat ones are the best …but you can always do like I do and tell the mousekeeping with the cart as you are leaving for the park, that you need a couple of pens grin …well I havent done that but once … now I just take any resort pen I get my hands on :slight_smile:


We just get the fat pens at Walmart. No markers or anything like that.

As an extra treat, we MADE our own autograph books. This was a fun project for the family in anticipation of our trip.