What is the best type of pen to use for getting autographs?


We use the little kids’ fat markers. It makes it easier for the characters to use and you can change out colors for the characters…Pink for Piglet, Yellow for Pooh, Grey/blue for Eeyore, etc…makes your autograph book colorful and you can always add a picture of you w/the character opposite of the autograph to really bring out the colors.


you can also use a fat barrled pen. I found one at the dollar store that i take with me. it is a little big but fits in my little back pack that i take with me. I have also seen these pens at Walgreens with their back to school stuff.


I used colored sharpies from Staples. They were fat enough for the characters to hold and permanent ink so the signature wouldn’t fade. I got the ones in more pastel colors and they were a hit among the characters. Goofy used all of them at once when he signed my book.


I have always heard to use and we also use the FAT markers as it makes it easier for the characters to hold to sign


We always buy the pens that are right next to the autograph books sold at the resorts/theme parks. They are fat enough for the characters to hold and write really well.


Fat and permanent.

Like me.


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Yeah, Sharpies work really well.


Also a SHARPIE!!!


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Are you sure that you are permanent? :eek: :eek:
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Same here and the big pens make it harder for our girls to loose.


definitely fat ones… I like the washable marker suggestion. That would be better with younger kids… you won’t have to worry about stains.

For the longest time as a kid, I used this adorable pen with a stuffed Tigger on the top, but it was really difficult for the characters to write with… after this realization, I switched to colorful Sharpies.


Big, chunky crayons are also another way to go!


We use those too.


I also use the big fat ones that are right next to the autograph books to buy in the world. I have seen people with what we called the “nurses pen” which is a big fat pen that had a string on it to wear around your neck. It was big enough for the characters, and the kids couldn’t loose it.


A really neat idea I heard of for autographs was to take a fat Sharpie and a plain t-shirt and have the characters autograph the t-shirt. Then you have a souvenir to wear, not an autograph book that will sit on a shelf. If you do take the t-shirt, I would suggest taking a piece of cardboard for support while the characters are signing and to keep the ink from spreading to the other side of the t-shirt. :slight_smile: