Avatar Question


How do you make your avatar bigger w/o going over the 150 size limit. Like Iluvwdw’s is big. Anyone know?


hey yeah! Okay…how did you do it Iluvwdw??? Who are you paying off? :tongue:


Any image editing program. Avatar sizes can’t be bigger than 150x150. Just resize with the pixels at 150x150.

I just copied IluvWDW’s av into PSP - the dimensions are 150x133, smaller than the max.


oh wierd…hers looks bigger.
Thanks Sluth-Kipp


No problemo Pir-essa :cool:


Cropping the picture also helps to make it appear larger when you’re editing it.


Cropping? =P


Yes her’s is 200pix wide…There was a time when you could have them that big on DC. Not anymore…and Iluvwdw had her’s up before the change. :smile:


Anyone know how you can re-size the picture to 150x150 without ir getting grainy? Or do I just need a better camera??


how do i get an animated picture???


If you know how to make one you can make it or you can find on on the web and use it. I’ve gone out and found one and used it in the past. Do a search of Disney avatars, there are a lot out there. I think I gotten them from a site with the name John in it.


I’ve gotten a lot of avatars, specifically the one I have now, through myspace support pages. They are almost always the right size, and you can find a pretty big selection out there.


What would you like???