What do you think of Disney’s announcement this week that they will partner with director James Cameron to bring a new Avatar-themed land to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park at Walt Disney World?


I will hold my opinion until I see more specific details about this project. I am happy that they are adding to the AK however. There just isn’t enough for me to do there.


I agree Dana - AK is a half day park for us that we could just as easily skip. There are things we love, but overall it’s not a big pull for our family. Adding to it - and Avatar could be fabulously done - is much needed, IMHO.


I’m cautiously optimistic, I think this could be more than we could imagine or a big flop. I’m hoping for awesome!


Holding breath and keeping fingers crossed that it works. Im so pleased that they are adding to AK but like has been mentioned why pomote others films when they could expand on disneys own stuff.

Universals Harry potter seems to be a big draw for people but has Killed off the rest of the park. I hope this does not happen at A.K. The park needs at least two big attraction rides to start to bring people through the gates like at sea world and Busch Gardens.


I loved the movie but I wish that Disney would do something with the stuff that they have instead of using the Avatar theme


Not to thrilled with the idea, I think they could have came up with something better.


Not really looking forward to it, Disney could come up with something better. Avatar just doesn’t seem Disney. Personally, I love the AK the way it is, to me, the park doesn’t need a lot of rides to be worth the time. The architectural work is gorgeous!


It has to be done really, really well for me to love it.


It’ll be a no from us sadly. Not keen on AK at all, and Avatar was not a film we enjoyed so there’s no real reason for us to venture there. Maybe just for an initial look to say we’ve been.


judging by the “leaked” blue prints, it looks like it forbidden journey in 3d and a boat ride maybe like jurrasic park? i wish disney would stop COPYING universal and BEAT them instead.


I’m not a big fan of the film, but I am glad they have plans to add to the park. I really like the Animal Kingdom, but I agree with many that it needs to be “plussed”. I am a little concerned, however, about how Pandora will blend with the rest of the park. I would hate it if it clashes as much as Dino-land does.


Not a huge fan, they could use that area for something that gives off more of a … disney feel ??? I guess Avatar just doesn’t appeal to me in the first place…


If done right, this could be awesome. Quite a challenege.


I’d just be worried that the film would lose its luster in the future. What if the sequels are all awful? What if 10 years from now, its one of those movies that’s just forgotten. Seems a big risk to plan a whole land out of just 1 film.

At least with Carsland its Pixar, and it lends itself to little kids rides.


Hate, hate, hate the movie.wont be doing this park


I second that. movie was awful, and has already been forgotten about. i guess the lowest bidder won out on this collaboration ( ehem… james cameron)


I’m leaning towards Boss’ opinion of it can be awesome. Come on people, let the Imagineers do what they do best. I see opportunity for some great, creative rides, while pulling in imagination. I see this as another opportunity to pull you deeper into another world, other than the grindstone of everyday life. I’m willing to give it a chance.


Disney Imagineers can work magic. I agree that we should give them a chance.


Not looking forward to this at all. While Avatar was groundbreaking when it came it out, I don’t agree that it meshes well with Disney. They could have done so much more with one of their own ideas. Even a ‘Marvel-land’ that doesn’t match-up with AK would be better.