Awesome deal on airfare


Has anyone tried There are some great deals to be found for purchase in advance as far June. Also try airports that are near yours. I live in Buffalo and searched Rochester airport and found airfare 124 dollars cheaper- this is awesome, maybe I won’t be driving after all.


hey great tip! Thanks! I’m trying desperatly to find a cheap fare - or any fare at all, they’re all selling out for the date I’m going (March 27th) but I won’t have enough money to buy for another week! yipes!!!


Congrats on your bargain shopping. It does pay to look around before buying airfare. Thanks for the tip.


I just tried, and the cheapest fare I could find was $303!!! Still waiting for Southwest to release their dates for late June . . . . . . . .


Good job on getting a great deal! I am still waiting around for a cheap flight this summer.


I love Well done on the airfare!


Congrats on your deal, still nothing good on there from Chicago in June, though. :sad: We’ll keep trying!