Awesome float!


I just saw a sketch of the Disney float for this years Tournament of Roses Parade and it is incredible. It states it is over 150’ long and 30’ high and it looks as if the Imagineers have outdone themselves this year.


Where did you see it and is it possible we can see it too, or at least get more description?


Can’t wait to see it! And what spider said…any more info??


I have the e-mail with the sketch if anyone wants me to forward it to them. It’s looks dreamy & fabulous. :wub:

oh wait, I will just put the link here…


Excellent! I cannot wait to see it! GO DUCKS! GO USC! GO PAC 10! :biggrin:


yeah, I saw it too. I think it was on Disney Insider…but I can’t find it in the back issues now :pinch:
It was a georgous picture though!


It was sent with the Disney Insider yes and Wish has put a link to it too. You can catch it on Jan. 2 on all the major channels. I think the parade starts around 10 eastern time.


That is indeed awesome… I cannot wait to see that float! And it is HUGE! :biggrin:


I want one of my own. Now.