AWESOME Mothers Day Weekend...A Trip Report!


Got home late Sunday night from a wonderful weekend at the world and I can’t wait to tell everyone all about it!

I will be starting tomorrow with pictures and details!

Love, Lisa


Looking forward to your TR!


Oh a TR, brilliant, can’t wait to read it Lisa.


Can’t wait to hear all about it Lisa. Glad to hear it was wonderful.


Yippie another TR!:happy: Looking forward to reading it.


Welcome home!! I can’t wait to hear all the great details! Hope you have lots of pictures to share too!!!


OK Here it goes…

This trip was planned because my mom had a security job at the Swolfin for the week. I immediately whinned and cried that she was gonna be in WDW without me for the 2nd time this year. (She went with her BFF in January and stayed at the GF) She suggested that I come down for the weekend and I immediately took her up on it.

I ran it by DH and he was really cool about it and said that he did not want to go :ohmy: but I should take DS and have a nice weekend. It really helped that this conversation took place the same exact day our tax refund check hit the account!

So while I could not afford the Swolfin I booked at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. We would do everything together and go back to our respective resoerts. The reason why I just did not stay in her room is because this particular client HATES that :confused:


The security job got cancelled. :angry:

BUT my mom was so looking forward to this trip that she decided to join us and stay at POP too! We could not get her on our flight on Thursday BUT she did get on our flight home, cool.

We left on Thursday May 6th and returned on Sunday May 9th.

The cast of characters:

Myself Lisa
DS Tyler 5 1/2
DM “Nana” 59

This is my story…


Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The alarm goes off at exactly 4:45 am with a nice 15 minute snooze button built in and I awake at 5am.

Tyler hops out of bed and wants to be in WDW right now.

We get ready and dressed and we are out the door at 5:45 am to get to Chicago’s Midway Airport by 6:15 for our 7:45am flight on AirTran directly to MCO.

Now something odd happens here…When my DH pulls up to the curb to drop us off there is not a single police officer or traffic controller in sight. What makes this odd is that at this airport (and I am sure others in the country) once a car stops the officers immediately blow their whistles and try to make you move your car…even before anyone gets out of the car or gets their luggage out. It is so horribly annoying, it is the only thing I hate about traveling…those annoying whistles.


The officers were no where to be found. DH unloaded the trunk, brought our bags to SkyCap, I checked us in and DH then tipped the Skycap for me. Then we walked him to his car. Gave kisses and hugs and “I’ll miss you’s” and no one said a word to us. It was like 5 minutes that he was parked there. So cool!

Anyway… The flight is on time and is basically uneventful. We arrive at MCO and make our way to ME. Which again was uneventful. We shared a bus with the Contemp. and we were the first stop…



Our ME bus was actually a cruise line bus.

The following pics:

DS in front and on our “ME” bus!


I love the picture of your son on the ME bus…that’s truly a “I’m happy to be going to Disney smile!”


Thursday Con’t:
We arrive at POP around 1:00 and check in and much to my surprise our room is ready! :laugh:

We are in 70’s Building 6 Room 6344. I loved the location and view of Hourglass Lake.

We go to the room to change in to swim wear and check out our new digs for the weekend. I have to say that I LOVED this resort and the price can’t be beat! Nice clean rooms, good pool, great food court the landscaping was incredible and I love all of the oversized stuff (Mickey Phone, Rubiks Cube etc) and as always the cast members were WONDERFUL!

OK so I don’t want to add anything negative in this report so I will not mention how small the room was and how when you laid in the bed you could touch the front door of the room and that kinda weirded me out. I’ll just let that part go…:blush:

So we go to the food court because I am starving. I don’t like to go to the bathroom on a plane so I do not consume anything until I reach my destination…:redface: I know…weird.

So we split a kids pizza meal. We got 2 bags of grapes as the sides so we split the pizza (it was fine) and we each had a bag of grapes then we each had a Mickey Head Rice Krispie Treat With Chocolate Ears YUMMY!
We also purchased 2 resort mugs. I think this is cool…They have different colors for the mugs They have the same design on the mug but we got a black cap and handle for Ty/Myself and a Yellow cap and handle for my mom. It was a great way to know the difference between whose was whose!

Finally we head to the flower pool while we wait for my mom to arrive. She was about 2 1/2 hours behind us in travel.

We had fun in the pool until it was closed for “unscheduled cleaning” :blow:

It closed just in time because my mom was here!

We head to the room and relax a bit before we get ready to head out to the Magic Kingdom for the evening!

Up next: Swimming at the Magic Kingdom? Dinner at The Plaza and Wishes Dessert Buffet without Fireworks?


Can’t wait to hear the rest.


Pic 1: Foze Ball Table (spelling?)
Pic 2: Twister
Pic 3: Best Disney Dessert Ever :wub:
Pic 4: View From Room
Pic 5: Creepy abandoned building!


Your trip sounds great can’t wait to hear more and see more pics


Sounds like you had fun! Can’t wait to read more.


Great tr so far can’t wait for more.


Good stuff…keep it coming!


YAY great TR so far Love the pics, can’t wait to hear and see more!!!


OK…So we really didn’t go swimming at the MK but for a second there we thought we would!

The whole day was hot and sunny and beautiful. The second we get on the bus to head out to MK the skies opened up and it down poured! Very hard and very fast. My mom was freakin’ out saying how she did not want to get wet but I did have the positive attitude that it was a typical “summer” storm and would pass quickly.

My mom did not believe me :glare:

Before we even head into the park we stop at the gift shop to purchase a bumber-shute (umberlla). She does not see the human size umbrellas and she purchases the $40 golf umbrella!

With our protection from the elements secured we head into the park. Stop to grab some Mickey ears for Tyler (Finally…he always said he didn’t want any and he found some snazzy Toy Story ears that he loved) and head into the park.

It has stopped raining BTW! :cool:

We head over to the Plaza Restaurant for our 5:00 dinner reservation.

I don’t know why but I pictured this but I figured this place would be a lot bigger! Anyway…We all wanted to eat light b/c we had the Wishes Dessert Party scheduled for the evening. Tyler got the Grilled Chicken Sticks with salad.

FYI: We did not order dressing on the salad b/c DS does not like dressing but they automatically put on ranch. Strange, but our server said that is how they do it unless you tell them not to. It is not stated on the menu that way. It was not a problem and our server promptly returned with a plain salad.

I got the Vegetarian Sandwich (just because it sounded good…I am a carnivore) and it was good. The home made chips had a lot of potential BUT they were stale.

My mom asked for the Mickey Turkey Sandwich off of the kids menu and it was not a problem at all she got the tomato soup with the meal and it was fine.

After dinner we head back out to the park and go directly to Buzz SRS. This is Ty’s favorate ride and we all had a “blast” :laugh: we ended up going on this ride 6 times over the course of the trip!

We wander through most of Fantasy Land and do those rides then Ty and DM start getting tired so we head over close to the Tomorrowland Noodle Station to wait for our dessert buffet. We had about a 1/2 hour wait till we checked in. I tucked both of them in a chair with an ice cold breverage while I ran over to Stitch’s Great Escape. I had never been on before and really wanted to try. (I LOVED LOVED LOVED Ailen Encounted back in the day)

Now as I want to continue on with my positive trip with no negatives I will not tell you how I felt that this is the worst ride in all of Disney World. No… it is the worst ride in all of the world! What a waste. If they felt this ride was kid friendly they are crazy. Kids were screaming their heads off!..But I won’t talk about that.

After Stitch we check-in early for the dessert buffet. The line looked really long to check in but they were so organized and it moved really fast. We were seated quickly and made a bee-line to the drinks. It was so hot and we were so thirsty. We had raspberry lemonade and it was really good.

I also pictured this buffet to be a lot larger but it was good and the desserts were awesome.

When we finally sit down to eat DM and DS just poop out. We eat about half of the plates we made for ourselves and no one is talking. No one is moving. I feel as if I am talking to myself. So I get up and start taking pictures. Finally my mom is so annoyed and says “You know…if you’ve seen one firework you’ve seen them all”


So I say “Is that your subtle way of saying you want to leave”

DM: “Yep”
Me: Tyler, what do you think?
DS: Get me outta here!

Oh well, no Wishes that night. So basically we had one plate of OVERPRICED desserts with no Fireworks Spectacular :angry: This was the one thing that I was looking forward to most BUT I have seen Wishes before as well as the fact that I do have my own home movie of it so I relented and we left.

We head out of the park and we were on a bus in no time back to POP to crash for the evening.

Up next: Day 2: Cape May Cafe Breakfast, Hollywood Studios and The Boardwalk.


As we were running in the rain to get to the gift shop I look down and see this: