Awesome Park Shoes


I’ve been looking high and low for really comfortable Mary Jane type shoes to wear to the parks and basically out and about.

Omar and I were out shoe shopping and I came across a pair of Ecco sneakers. Omar and his Dad will only buy Ecco and I never understood, until I wore them.

These are really the best. For being brand new, they do not rub any part of my foot, the back part is a separate piece that has a bungee cord type attachment that allows it to be flexible. As well the shoes are water proof and they went to the test today. It was raining and I ran out to get lunch and I was worried because the shoes are leather , but to no avail the water beaded right off.

I sometimes have problems with the top strap pinching at the side of my foot. Nope, none of that.

They are awesome and I love them and thought I’d share.

Oh and they last FOREVER! Omar’s Dad has had some for over 10 years and they are still really comfortable and look great. So even though they cost a little up front they are well worth the money. I’m officially a believer.

The ones pictures below are the Ecco, Yarrah.

ECCO Yarrah Womens Performance Adventure Shoes


OOOHHHHH!!! They even look very comfortable! Where do they sell them? I’ve never seen them before and I have a trip coming up so I’m looking into comfortable shoes…


We ended up getting them at an independent shoe store. I think they’re a local type chain, Battaglia. I think Zappos sells them too. Perhaps Macy’s, Dillards?

One other thing I didn’t mention is that they only come in whole sizes.

#4 has them on sale for less than $90. they look yummy!


The shoes defiantly pass the test.

We went yesterday to a festival and we were walking around for a good 3-4 hours and the shoes never bothered me a bit. Nor did my feet hurt after I got home and took them off. Now I know this wasn’t Disney walking but they were really comfortable.


One other thing I didn’t mention is that they only come in whole sizes.

the webs site has them in half sizes


Oooo they look pretty cool, Ill have to show mum because she always wonders about what she should wear on her feet for te best comfort