Awesome Service!


I just wanted to spread some sunshine whit a GOOD thread!!!

We are staying concierge level in a few weeks at the POLY!! Due to a mix up with my reservation Disney upgraded us!! Anyway, the service I have received so far from the concierge planners has been phenomenal!!

First off they got every PS I asked for at basically the exact times I requested!! Then, ME being ME, I changed my mind a few :whistling different times!! They were so helpful in helping me get these done and sending me updated itineraries!!

I just wanted to let others know if they are considering concierge that the planning part of your trip is a snap with it!! Hopefully this is a sign of what the actual trip will be like!!!

21 days to go!!! WooHoooo!!!


What exactly is concierge?? Is that part of the Disney Travel Co. or are you using the concierge at the Poly?? I am very confused. I’ve heard that term used in several threads “concierge”.


Actually about 100 days before my trip the POLY concierge contacted me and asked if I needed help planning and making my PS’s!! So I gave them my list and they took care of it for me!!! Each Resort has their own concierge level(I think only the Deluxe’s)!! They are their to help you plan and take care of things on your stay there!! It does cost extra tho!!!

If you stay on that level you also have snacks out basically all day!!!