Awesome trip with a few omg nooooos lol


April 7th-11th WDW YAY!!!

  April 7th day of departure, 4:30 could not come soon enough.  We were packed we were ready.  We jump on I-10, get halfway to the next exit , and Im reviewing my check list, low and behold we forgot the spare memory card( we can live without). A few items down on the list I see the stroller( we cant live without) so we have to turn around, dundundun. Yes Im a sound effects person so bear with me :laugh:.  Needless to say My husband and I had two different packing lists , he used his own and didnt double check my detailed list:glare:.  So 20 minutes wasted we are off again.  We made great time.  No motion sickness issues so far.  So we get to Seralago hotel, and our room at 9:30 pm is showing up dirty in the cp:angry:.  So the mgr was awesome sent someone to check it while he verified he had a larger suite he would substitute it for.  Well 20 min later(the staff member forgot to call back) the room is ready just wasnt entered into the cp.  We are in our room.

So while she was checking out her very own cabin:mickey: I made a little predisney magic happen. Lanyard, trading pins, autograph book, shirts to wear, the works.

well that was the end of our first night… on to our first day at Magic Kingdom…


What a cute surprise. What is the princess thing that is rolled up?


its a princess thermos. We were going to use it on our Animal Kingdom day as you are not supposed to bring in the capri sun drinks because of the straws.


What a great idea! You’re one smart momma. :happy:


Oh I love the Pre Disney surprises for your little Princess -who is just so cute- looking forward to reading more please?


Ok so first WDW day… Magic Kingdom it is…

I had my family ready to go so we would be there for rope drop. Did we make it in time, no, one thing I never read about was you have to wait for a ferry to get to MK( my husband was not willing to try the monorail). Although I have to say there is something kind of magical riding over on the ferry for the first time.

Our first steps into the Magic Kingdom we see her favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character, Daisy Duck. She runs straight over and we get our first character steps away break while kids are asking why is hse leaving moment. The wonderful thing was the annoying lady in front of us who had 5 kids left because she didnt know they truly would be right back, thank you mousebuzz for the tip:pirate:.

We went over to the Princess meet and greet. Our first 30 minute wait for characters but atleast there are 3 of them. Cinderella was her favorite out of 3, she really did a good job on getting a very shy princess to talk.

She was kind of hesitant to meet the big Mouse, but warmed up fast.
So in the first hour 5 characters are done.

Now on to the rides…we walked up to the Many adv of WTP, 45 min wait…no way. So I track down the fastpass machines for it, ty again MB:wub:, So we get a time of 10:30-11:30.Added bonus we get FPs for Mickeys Philharmagic that we dont need as it only had a 10 min wait. So she sees the carousel, again no wait:cool .Mickeys Philharmagic to me was awesome it really got my daughter in the Disney mood…finally. Then we hit Dumbo, our first trial at motion sickness and she was fine woohoo no upchuck. Now we are on to use our first fastpass, the ride was awesome perfect for her a little thrill but not too crazy. Only sad moment was when she saw the honey walls and couldnt get to them as FP bypasses the fun stuff. Then we are off to Its a small world, boy I remember this ride in a whole different light, of course my daughter loved the dancing dolls which is all that matters. So now we go to the Rapunzel Garden area, its a 2 hour wait with only rooms for 2 more families to enter the 2:30 show we snatch a spot. The wonderful CM tells us that only one person has to stay to hold the spot. I was the trooper and volunteered for the two hour wait while I allowed my husband to take Desi off for more rides. He came back an hour later looking a lil green it seemed the only ride she wanted to ride back to back was Cinderella’s Carousel, she was fine he was not. So we finally get in the maidens leading the fun were awesome entertaining the kids. Out comes Rapunzel super excited, sees Flynn Rider terror and she runs and wont play anymore. So the Cm relays her fears and Flynn graciously goes on the otherside of the platform(poor guy). Rapunzel was awesome, the best princess in my opinion the whole trip in connecting with the kids, my daughter agreed.


Great pictures! she’s a little cutey! Glad you had a terrific time!:happy:


Great start to your trip report!!


Love, love, love the pic of your cutie with Rapunzil! Waiting impatiently for more TR =)


What a great start to your trip! Your little girl is a cu-tie-pie! Can’t wait to read more and see more pictures. :happy:


Magic Kingdom continued…
WE came out of Rapunzel just 5 min before parade time. we were only one row behind a group and everyone around us was sitting, so everyone could see. Or so I thought just as the parade came into sight everyone on our left stood up grrrr, so we wnet from perfect view to only once the parade was directly in front of us as it passed could we see(did I mention Im only 5’ tall), so anyone taller becomes a wall for me and my daughter=(. After the parade we decided to ride WTP again and do the walk through. Whoever thought of all the awesome activities for kids is a genius. We wrote our names and discovered all the missing characters on the honey walls. The second ride was even better because we got to ride in the front, totally recommend holding out for that spot. Dream Along with Mickey show was beautiful( at this point who new 400 pics could drain a camera). Thank goodness for photopass. We stopped by Caseys Corner , my husband ordered and got way too much food, but it was good just not great. We were entertained by the piano player. At this point my lil one complains of tummy trouble so at 7 pm we forego the night shows and head back to the hotel. It seems heat also triggers her motion sickness. Also this was one of the hottest weekends so far this year we were only 2 degrees away fromt eh record high=(. But all in all , she had an awesome day filled with lots of new memories for our little family.


[QUOTE=christina101902;1073912]But all in all , she had an awesome day filled with lots of new memories for our little family.

What a perfect princess pose!! :wub:

Loving the TR, can’t wait for more!


Your little girl is adorable!!! You had a great first day, can’t wait to read more!


Great TR so far! Your daughter is beautiful!


So after a rough tummy night we get a late start heading off to Animal Kingdom. The crowds were a little heavier but it was Saturday. We take a few photpass pics which I will post once I receive my cd. And we head straight to the first 11:30 showing of Finding Nemo( our fav of the two shows offered). Although my daughter wondered why the cut all the fish in half lol. After that we are heading to meet and greet minnie when we see Pocahontas. We caught her just 5 min before she was going to walk away for an hour.

So after Miinnie, we head right over to the Festival of the Lion King. We were in the Lions section roar. It was different then we expected, i think we should have seen this first, it just didnt match up to the awesomeness of Nemo. After that we hit the boneyard, wow its like jurassic park meets chuck e cheese( her fav part of the whole park). I loved stomping on the footprints too . She really became her normal goofy self at this park. Shes such a ham.

So we rode the dinosaur dumbo-like ride. And then headed off to the parade on our way I decide I want to ride the safari since they couldnt, figured perfect time. It was there was no wait I walked right onto the next jeep and head off. I loved how close and in a natural setting the elephants appeared and the rhinos got really close. Back at the parade a CM noticed my daughters Birthday and ushered them to an empty park bench in the shade.
I arrived back just in time to follow Mickey at the parades end. We then head back for a meet and greet with Goofy and pluto.

Im so glad I put her hair in braids. Who knew it would make such a perfect moment.
We head over to the magic carpets only to learn we missed for the day her most favorite princess of all time Jasmine:frown: But the awesome CM let us know she could be found at Epcot too. Whoo crisis dodged. We left AK and called it a day the heat always eems to catch up to her by the evening. But again another day of memories , oh I forgot something…


As were leaving Nemo we stopped at the WTP meet and greet. It went well but as we were leaving Eeyore came over and took her by the hand and walked her all the way back to the road, a very special moment.

Oh also at the boneyard the CM saw her birthday badge and asked if she had gotten her birthday phone call, she had not. So she got a birthday phone call from goofy. The magic of Disney:wub:


Great TR. Your daughter had some great experiences on her first day.


Your TR - Great
Your Daughter - Adorable
Your Pics - Too cute, her diva pose, and the pic with Eeyore (one of those pics that will pull your heartstrings)


Not to get off point, but that was the best Sleeping Beauty I have ever seen in a photo. your DD is adorable!! Loving every word and every pic, so keep it coming!


Loving the tr so far cant wait to read more.