Awesomest Trip to the World at Christmastime!


Me - Brandon
Boyfriend - Greg
Friend - Joey

[B]Special Guest Appearances by:[/B] WishUponAStar, Daniel (Wish’s Husband), Mickeysgirlz, Annabel and Rebecca (part of the mickeysgirlz crew) Erin, and iluvwdw

This was our first trip staying at Kidani Village… we love this resort and are going to start looking into adding on some points and making this a home resort for us…

Tuesday night December 15th we left our house at about 5:30PM to head to the airport for our 8pm flight. Everything was on time at the airport and we arrived in Orlando about 15 minutes early.
Since we only had were carry-on bags we headed to the Magical Express and we were on the bus within 10 minutes of exiting the plane.
Our bus was stopping at all three All Star Resorts and Caribbean Beach Resort before heading to Kidani Village.
We got to the Resort at about 11PM and were checked in quickly and were off to our room. Room 7306. It was only 3 doors down the hall from the elevator.
We entered the room and LOVED it. Of course I ran out to the balcony to check out the view and there was a giraffe right outside our balcony. Of course I couldn’t get my camera to cooperate for nighttime pictures but here is the first of many giraffe pictures that I took on this trip.

Here are some pictures of our room…


I just loved this room so much… all the little details…

like the shower tiles…

And the hidden mickey’s…

Does this qualify as a hidden mickey?


Yeah Hidden Mickeys- thanks for photographing them… Glad you had a good trip…


Wednesday December 16th

I woke up this morning about 7am and decided to let the other two sleep in. So i took a shower and got dressed and decided to head out to check the resort out some… sadly there were no animals outside on the Savannah with the exception of s couple ostrich’s.

Christmas Tree by the elevator…

Lobby Christmas Tree…

Lobby chandeliers…

Never did get to swim, but here are pictures of the empty pool…


Pool Play Area…


I’m so glad you decided to do a TR. Love the pics of Kidani Village, we ate at Sanaa in August (it was so yummy)…did you eat there? Can’t wait to read more!


ooh Kidani village looks great…I love it.


Ohh!! I always forget about the Animal Kingdom resort at Christmas!! Nice!!


and Joey is adorable! (and so are you!)


It was great meeting you! Love your pictures, beautiful! :happy:


YAY!!! So happy! :smile:


OooO, I love the Kidani Village Christmas decor. Your 1st giraffe picture is CRACKING me up! :tongue: I am so glad to see your “Nikon D40 for Dummies” book has been put to good use. :tongue: :heart:


We just missed each other. I was there 12/6/09-12/11/09. My cast was extensive! We got a two bedroom suite and two studios. All in all there was 13 in our party. I think if we go in 2010 it will just be my immediate family, and then in 2011 do another one with the extended again. Kidani was great! At first I thought I should have just booked for Jambo House, but now I am glad I gave the home resort chance, plus t is a quick shuttle or 5 min walk away.


Isn’t Kidani FABULOUS?

I think it is our new favorite – and doesn’t it feel completely personal and cozy? Perfect size, perfect ambience… Magic! :wub:


Yea another TR keep it up and loving the pictures


Can’t wait to see more!


Don’t you just LOVE Kidani? We were there in August and love, love, loved it!! I can’t wait to go back in August! (We’ll be in WDW in Feb, but staying at Pop to save our points for August).

Great start, can’t wait to read more!!


Thanks for sharing the pictures. We have never been back to Kadani but it looks like we need to check it out.


I love the pics of Kidani! I think that’s where I want to stay next time. Can’t wait to read more!


Great start!! I can’t wait to read more! I love the hidden mickey pic’s from your room. It’s so great to see the little details!