AWSOME Disneyland site opening on August 31st


Hey yall. There is this brand new AWSOME Disneyland Resort site opening on August 31st. Its gonna have stuff on the 50th Anniversary, it will have first view perspectives of a typical day at DL and much much more! You should all visit the site, read about what the site will be about and see the preview like pics and that sort. Its SOOO awsome, I recommend you all to visit the site just for a few minutes, look at it and read a little about it and enjoy it. This site will give any and all a true feeling of DL for those who have never been there. Theres muchmore I’d love to explain on the site but I think if I did that I’d be talking to much. So Ill let you all go to the site ur self and experince it ur self. :slight_smile: The site is… Enjoy the site! And the site opening is an awsome B-Day Gift for me…Ive been waiting for it to open for soooo long and it happens to be opening on my b-day, August 31st :biggrin: :mickey:


Great Site! I’ll be back on the 31st. Also Happy B-Day Anaheimboy


Yea the site looks awwsooommee and I cant wait till it opens!! :slight_smile: Also, Thanks for the Happy early B-Day! :slight_smile:


Only a couple more days!


YES FINALLY!!! IVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT TO OPEN SINCE LIKE JUNE!!! I CANT WAIT!!! And to make it even better it opens on my B-Day! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: