B4 Get 3 vs Kids Free


I have a pin email for the kids eat free promo. At the end of June, I have 7 nights of kids free (Boys 6 + 5). At carribean beach, what promo seems to come out better, the kids free or the 3 free nights. Im also getting kids dining free…


Is it the kids eat, stay and play free offer? We received the PIN code for Free dining for the whole family good until the end of June. Mouseketrips priced it out for us and our free dining PIN was better than the Buy 4 get 3. Definitely worth looking into!!


There are so many good deals out there right now. It’s very exciting, but it can be overwhelming:blink:, I suggest you play with numbers to find out which deal will be best for your particular situation. From reading on here, you can tell that some people liked the “buy 4 get 3 deal”, some liked the “free dining deal.”… We’re going in December and we had 3 different offers to think about and I just had to crunch the numbers until I figured out the best deal for us. :mickey: I was happy to have the specials to consider. :smile:


This deal has my kids staying free. Free tickets and meal plan. So Im getting 2 7 day passes, and 14 days of the 9.99 Kids dining free. Im wondering if that is better than the 3 free nights and 3 sets of 4 day passes.

Interestingly, the offer is good for up to 4 kids, if one adult goes. I could take my neice and nephew, and the two boys for the price of 1 adult.


I’ve never traveled with several kids before, but that sure sounds like a great deal! :ohmy: You can usually put a complimentary hold on a trip if you need a few days to think about it.