BaaBeE9’s Very First Trip Report


Ok here it goes…go easy on me, this is my first one!

Myself (Sara) and Veronica AKA Vern (DisneyFreak78)
Bestest Friends! :smile:

Day One; April 5, 2006:
The plan was to leave by 8am. We were on the road by 8:30am, not to bad. It’s usually a 3 hour drive to Disney but we had a minor mishap on the Turnpike. Vern had to stop for gas. Normally, not a problem. The problem began when she got back on the Turnpike; she followed the SunPass signs which were leading us South…back home! Had to go back an exit, get off, and get back on…this time north! Didn’t loose too much time but I found humor in it! Anyways, we get to Disney World around noon. We headed on over to Port Orleans French Quarter to check in. Neither of us has stayed here before. So nice! I love that it was small. Never felt overwhelmed by masses of other guests. The lady at the front desk was unimpressed with Hoops and Yoyo but let us take her picture in the end. We were put in building one, with a slight water view. Very pretty and quiet since we were away from the action. After dropping off our stuff, we were on our way to the Magic Kingdom! Actually we stopped in the Resort Gift Shop so I could get a lanyard for my pins. I have gathered about 10 freebies over the years and decided I would trade them for something good. It actually tuned out to be really fun talking with the Cast Members. (Vern yelled at me whenever I just starting looking at their pins without introducing myself first.) Anyways, now we were really on our way to the Magic Kingdom. Didn’t really like having to circle Riverside before heading out each time on the buses, but we did always have a seat! Finally got to the Magic Kingdom around 1pm. Headed over to Tomorrowland and grabbed some fast passes to Space Mountain. They were for much, much later in the day, but we could get another in two hours so it wasn’t that bad. Decided it was time for lunch, so we headed over to Cosmic Ray’s for some veggie burgers. They changed them from the “veggie” to the “Boca” type so they weren’t as good, but still hit the spot! After lunch we rode Buzz Lightyear’s…I finally won! :tongue: :tongue: Went on the Carousel of Progress, where I think we annoyed the people in front of us by talking and singing along with the ride since we know it by heart. Of course we had to ride the TTA…I still call it the People Mover. “Paging Mr. Morrow! Mr. Tom Morrow!” Love that ride. After that we took the back way to Mickey’s Toontown. There were ridiculously long lines for the characters so we passed on that. Instead grabbed a snack and ate it in the shade. Decided to head to Fantasyland. Stopped and played around in Pooh’s Playful Spot. The Cast Member explained that you have to be twelve and under. We explained that we are we are just tall for our age. He laughed and let us pass. It’s a Small World had a line! :eek: We made an executive decision to not wait and moved on to Mickey’s PhillharMagic. We then had a singing contest with these teenagers behind us to see who could be louder. I think we won since they didn’t know all the words. Next, on to the Haunted Mansion. Love it. Next, Frontierland. Splash Mountain was out of FastPassess and had a 70 minute wait! :eek: Decided we would check back later. Instead got a fast pass for Thunder Mountain which was for only an hour away! Hopped on the train back to Mickey’s Toontown to go ride Space Mountain. Walked all the way in to have the ride break right when we got there. Never turned in the Fast Pass so we figured we’d come back. Never did. Oh well. Next we trekked back over to Thunder Mountain. Grabbed a FastPass for the Jungle Cruise first and then it was off to the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!” So much fun! Next, it was dinner time. Columbia Harbor House…yummy chowder! Then it was off to the Jungle Cruise. This was my first ride at night. It adds something to it! Love the corny jokes! Then we went back over to Splash Mountain. The sign now said 10 minutes! Actually it should have said 0 minutes! We literally walked right on! Took a funny picture and then ran back on for another funny picture! First one came out better so we got that one. Wishes was coming up, which we both love, so it was time to find a seat. Found one right out of Liberty Square and had a pretty good view. After Wishes, we waited for the crowds to thin and then braved the Emporium. Decided that we would get most of out shopping done in the World of Disney since we get the AP discount so we didn’t buy anything. Caught a bus back to the hotel. Grabbed a late night snack of beignets…mmmmm sugar! Then off to the land of nod. :closedeye

Wow that was long!

Up next…Day 2!

PS…we’re in the back, not the scared ones in the front!


See I’m 12!


Oh Yeah…We saw Genie too!


Great Tirp report, sounds like you had loads of fun!


I like those two girls in the front cowering in fear… -sigh- first timers…


Sounds like you had fun hope there is more



What a great trip report. Sounds like you had a really great time. Oh wait a second we had a fabulous time. I know I was there with you but I’m all excited to see the other days.

Brace yourselves everyone, the days get even funnier. Oh and Sara will also explain who the blue man in her avatar is in the Day 3 trip report.

Here are two of my favorite pictures from that day.


I always cower down if I am in front on SM, not out of fear, so I do not get soaked!


Here is the other picture. It took me awhile to figure out that only one picture at a time will work. I know some of us like to pick on the people who only read and not post, but I was reading another thread and figured it out. So alas after my longer than necessary explanation here is the other picture. :laugh:


You guys sound like you have a lot of fun together! I love the pictures, especially the Splash one. Those girls in the front are priceless! :happy:


Hey, I’m 12, too!

And I ALWAYS make crazy scared faces for the camera! :laugh:

So what happens after beignets?


I love day one! You two sound like so much fun. I can’t wait to read more.


Day 2; April 6, 2006:
Mickey and Stitch call at 6:30am…so early! :pinch: “NO sleeping!” (For those of you that have problems with the wakeup call; I find that if you push one of the number buttons after you answer, it will then start. It has to register that someone is there or something.) We had grabbed some quick breakfast items at the food court the night before, since we have the refrigerator, so we took turns eating and getting ready and were out the door by 8:15am. We actually got to MGM before it opened. Once the rope dropped, everyone ran for Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster. We leisurely strolled down Sunset Boulevard and let them all run. Grabbed some FastPasses for Rock n’ Roller Coaster and went on Tower of Terror, which had a 13 minute wait. I found that funny. Next we killed some time in the Villains Store where they always have cool Nightmare Before Christmas stuff for me to buy. Before we knew it, it was Rock n’ Roller Coaster time. I haven’t ridden that in so long. The best part is the first 10 seconds. From there we ventured over to the Great Movie Ride. We got the gangster. It was an older woman! She was pretty funny talking all tough with a fake Joisey accent. Vern doesn’t believe me when I say there is a cowboy too. We decided we haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast in a while, so we grab some popcorn and grabbed a seat in the back of the theater. Enjoyable as always. I entertained Vern by singing the whole time. Please note that I cannot sing. After the show, we ventured from shop to shop killing time before lunch. I tracked down Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable on the Streets of New York. We had a 12:10 Priority Seating/Advanced Dining thingie at the Sci-Fi Dine-In so we marched on over there next. Got our table really fast, but had some not so friendly back seat drivers with us. They wanted to sit up front. Oh well…we had fun. Vern got all embarrassed when the chef came out to talk to her about what he could make her cause she’s a vegetarian. I thought it was very nice of him. Good lunch, great atmosphere. After lunch we went to Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. I am slightly embarrassed to say that I have never been there before. I found it very interesting. I love Walt! After this, we headed back to the hotel to drop off my Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and then head to Downtown Disney to get our shopping on! We grabbed to boat from the hotel, which was quite fun. Our boat driver asked all sorts of trivia questions, which I answered correctly. She then asked me if I worked there! Nope, my head is just full of useless knowledge! I even impressed Vern with my vast Disney knowledge. Once in Downtown Disney, we went to Mickey’s Mart, the “everything $10” store. They had some cute stuff that was 4 for $10 (only sold together). We only found 3 things. I noticed some guy who only wanted one thing, so we made a friend and got our deal! Next, it was off to the mother of all Disney Stores! The World of Disney! I love this place. I think we spent like two hours in there (I won’t tell you what we spent!). Next it was Basin, Once Upon a Toy and Pin Traders. Dinner was at the Earl of Sandwich. YUM! :wub: So good! After dinner, we went to Goofy’s Candy Company to get out fix for the rest of our trip. :blush: We did the pretzel rod dip things. The girl working there was in the college program and had a great sense of humor cause we were being wacky! We finished up Downtown Disney with Mickey’s Pantry, Disney’s Days of Christmas, The Art of Disney and Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories. At this point, the dogs were barking so we took the ferry over to the West Side (trying to make ghetto gang signs on the way :pirate: ). Hit the Cirque du Soleil store, cause I can’t miss that, the House of Blues store and finally the Virgin Mega store. Both of us were in serious need of rest so we took the bus back to the Resort for sleep. Our bus driver had something sneaky planned though. He went to Riverside first! :eek: Normally I wouldn’t care, but we were so tired! I think we finally made it to the room by 10:30pm and promptly crashed!

Next up…Animal Kingdom and Epcot!


This was after the “backseat drivers” left.


Fabulous choice of pictures Sara. I’m glad to see you followed the rules well. (Hide the belly, hide the belly) Good job mate!!!

And the suspense is almost over everyone. Who’s that’s blue guy, and where’d he come from?


Yeah, now I’m dying to know who that blue guy is! Great trip report by the way!


That blue guy looks like a blue stuffed dinosaur… odd.


Oh he’s is a blue stuffed guy, but the story behind him is rather funny. Or at least we think it is.


You are such big teases! On with the story!!

Your photos are fabulous!


hehehe, I love this report, the pictures, the humor, on with it please.
How many more days do we have to look forward to?