Babies At Disney


Hi. This is my first post. Just curious if anyone has experience with small children/babies at WDW? I have been to Disney many times with DH and DS, but not when he was a baby. My kiddos are 11,3, and 10 mos. We will be traveling there in May 2011 and staying in the resort. This is my first resort stay. We have five day MYW passes.

Any suggestions on using WDW transportation with the kiddos? Also, I realize that my two youngest cannot ride the “big” rides, but will the 10 mos old be able to ride the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger ride? It says any height and she doesn’t scare easily by sound. Also what about the Backlot Tour ride at DHS?

Any thoughts or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated. I’m super excited to share Disney with my babies!!!


I think you will be fine. We used the disney transportation on everything that we did. We had a 9 month old with us at the time. We rode everything slow. My 9 month old loved IASW, and other things like that. I think you would be fine on the rides that you mentioned. I think that you control how much you spin on buzz Lightyear, but it is not fast, so you wold be fine… We did POTC, etc on rides with him, and he was fine… I think that the biggest thing is to make sure that your 3 yo is held on to when the buses pull up… other than that- have fun! You will so enjoy your trip!


I think you will be ok too, if you feel the ride won’t be safe then obviously don’t ride it. The buzz ride isn’t bad at all, you will be ok with that. We took our 3 year old and 15 month old at the time and they both did fine on the Buzz ride. We didn’t do the backlot tour because we felt that they would be scared of the canyon part with the explosions and fire etc… I did take my 3 year old on the Toy Story Ride and I have to say that was not to good for him. It spun around too fast and had to hold him tightly, he did it but he didn’t like it because things were happening too fast in there. Good luck you will be fine, just research what you think your children will tolerate. You know your kids best, and know what might potentially scare them.

PS: My oldest was petrified of “Bugs Life” at Animal Kingdom, and we did that the first day, and he was a little uneasy the entire trip. We knew all the rides from going for years, but thought he would be ok. We felt bad, but it was poor planning on our part…


I have traveld with an infant and it is totally fine. Taking a young one to Disney is not too bad as long as you prepare.




Welcome to Mousebuzz!

We to have three young children and we have travelled to Disney with them all since they were infants. You are about to embark on a great trip and are sure to make a lifetime of memories.

As for your questions:

  1. Use Disney transportation, it’s the simplest method for getting around.
  2. If you are running late for a reservation or are just tired of the cramped quarters of a bus, or it is late and you just want to get the kids back to your resort ASAP, then take a cab. Cabs are plentiful and cheap, and sometimes worth the few extra dollars just to get the kids back to their room quickly after a long day.
  3. Bring a stroller for your two younger kids. Disney strollers are expensive and uncomfortable for babies that will want to lay down to nap.
  4. All rides will clearly explain any restrictions, height requirements, or guidelines for riding.

There are many mousebuzzers that have travelled many times with young children and will be sure to answer any questions you have with your upcoming trip.


I think babies are great at Disney! They’re easy-peasy compared to a toddler who wants to keep jumping out of her stroller! :laugh: Just keep your little one well-hydrated, and you’re good. You’re right, of course, about there being some rides that your little ones can’t do, but when mine were little, I’d find a nice quiet, cool spot to let them take a nap in their stroller while everyone else went off to ride the big rides. Occasionally, a grandparent would trade off with me and let me ride the big rides too and go rest with the baby. Any ride that didn’t have a height restriction, I just put the baby on my lap and off we went. On of my fondest memories is of my youngest, who is now 7. When she was 9 months old, we went in August. It was very hot, she was tired and everyone wanted to ride the Haunted Mansion. She was still nursing, so I grabbed a blanket out of the stroller, and she and I settled into a doom buggy alone, I covered her up and let her nurse. It was so nice and cool in there, she went right to sleep, and I was hot and tired too, so I just closed my eyes and relaxed while we had a quiet moment without her big sister and brother. When we came out, I put in her stroller and she took a great nap. That same trip, my little one fell in love with Pooh, and I have the sweetest pictures of her with him. Enjoy your time at WDW with your little ones! It is so magical for them!


Thanks Everyone!!! I appreciate all advice and tips. I look forward to posting with you all.


UGAmom of3, you will find that we are all pretty friendly. Feel free to ask us anything. We are happy to answer, and we want you to have as much fun as we do at WDW. The only thing to remember is that we will want to hear about your trip when you return… We love trip reports!

Have a great trip, and be sure to tell us all about it when you return!


[QUOTE=hanwill;1069279]UGAmom of3, you will find that we are all pretty friendly. Feel free to ask us anything. We are happy to answer, and we want you to have as much fun as we do at WDW. The only thing to remember is that we will want to hear about your trip when you return… We love trip reports!

Have a great trip, and be sure to tell us all about it when you return![/QUOTE]

Thanks hanwill. I’ve been lurking for 6 mos and decided to jump in. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more questions before trip time. Thanks again!!


Hey, 5 new Buzzers in the house. Welcome and ask away.


I’ll just jump in with my 2 cents. My daughter had one of those wrap around baby carriers. Worked wonders for riding IASW, Peter Pan, etc. If the baby wanted to sleep she would be facing my daughter who could enjoy the ride and just sit back and enjoy. If the baby was awake, she was turned around so she could enjoy the sights. Her very first trip was at 6 mths, then one year, then 14 months and then 2 years, then 2 1/2 and next will be 3 years. Kid has been more times than I had ever been at that age. Be sure to check out the Kid Care Stations in Epcot - Absolutely wonderful. It is like a house, store, bedroom, kitchen and playroom all wrapped up into one building. There are nice carpeted rooms with rocking chairs for babies nursing, great changining stations, a place to purchase those items you may have forgotten like Tylenol, diapers, baby food, etc. And VERY clean. Don’t miss it.


Thanks mrsmouse!!! I didn’t know about the Kid Care Stations and def. will be checking it out. The baby carrier is a great idea. Will you ask your daughter which one she used. I am looking at a Ergo and Mei Tai baby carrier, but for the $$$ I would like to get some reviews from people who actually used them at WDW. I didn’t realize that you could "wear’ the baby during some rides. That would be very convinent. Thanks so much for your advice!!! I also have a lightweight double umbrella also to bring.


Taking a baby to Disney, to me was easier than taking a toddler. DD12’s first trip was when she was 5 months old. Several of the restaurants like Crystal Palace and Sci-Fi theater let us roll the stroller right on in up to the table since she was asleep. When she was awake we’d put her in a sling/pack and take her on all the rides with us as long as they weren’t fast or bumpy. If it turned out to be bumby, DH got to carry her :blow: haha
There’s also baby rest stations in MK by Crystal Palace and EP by Test Track that have food, diapers and a few other things if you forgot something or ran out once your in the parks.


Hello:). I used to live in florida and would take my daughter’s by myself often. They are 4 and 3 now but have been going since my oldest was 2 and youngest 6 months. The baby care stations are a godsend! Especially to a nursing mom. I will admit that disney transport can be a pain with a stroller during busy times. So definitely bring a lightweight stroller that folds quickly and easily. I also suggest hitting the parks early and going back to the hotel for nap time in the afternoon. It’s amazing how much an overtired temper tantrum can ruin an afternoon lol! You will be AMAZED at how many rides you can do as a family (yes buzz is one of them and toy story is one my girls LOVE). Since you’re staying on property, take advantage of the morning extra magic hours! Bring snacks, water, and toys for entertaining while in line. Go at a relaxed pace. Chances are you won’t be able to see and do everything so pick your must do’s and do them first. Any other questions, please ask!


I have a moby but unfortunately the baby isn’t here yet so I can’t give you a review! Lol. I know people swear by the ergo. My friend’s son is 4 and still loves to get carried in his. I would also reccommend getting a back pack leash for you 3yr old. My daughter likes to stretch her legs and wander. Nothinbg sucks worse than bumping your head on the rail trying to grab your toddler who tried to take off and play with a kid further up in line lol!


Sorry for the multiple posts, I keep thinking of things. Do something creative to your stroller. Like tie bright colored ribbons to it or something. There’s stroller parking and they like to move your stroller around to make room. And of course it will seem like everyone has the same type of stroller as you. Colorful ribbons will make it easier to find!


Ooooh one last thing, if you and your dh like the big kid rides, inquire at the beginning of the line about rider swap. Basically one of you waits with the little ones while the other waits in line and rides. The one waiting with the kids is given a fast pass to ride as soon as the other person gets off. That way your older child gets to ride twice:)


Thanks so much nubeanie!!! The stroller idea is great!!! I wanted the Moby also, but I’ve heard that the moby is great for a smaller baby and could be super hot if used in May at FL. I have a back pack leash for my kiddo and love it (she is a super wild 3 yr old…lol), but was thinking about a wrist to wrist band. I’m afraid the backpack could become warm in May.

Speaking of May…I see you used to live in FL. What do you think about the weather and WDW crowds in May? We are going the week before Memorial Day. Also, after reading several touring plan sites, I’m thinking most parks are more crowded on the extra magic hours and we were thinking about skipping those. Do you think it’s a better idea to take advantage of those?

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer my long and certainly repeated questions. :laugh:


Just wanted to say welcome to Mousebuzz! You’ve been given some great advice!

As far as park crowds, yes, for the most part, parks are more crowded on the extra magic hours days, esp. the morning hours. And HS is crazy on Fantasmic days. I would recommend visiting the park on a non-fantasmic day and just coming for the show another day.