Babs attempt at a TR!


Just got back, so I thought I would start my TR. I don’t know how to load pics just yet, so it will have to pictureless until I learn how.

Cast: Michael (DH-37)
Nikki (me-33)
Joey (DS-11)
Maegan (DD-7)
Caleb (DN-10)

I had to work on Tuesday July 1, so we hit the road around 4:45 pm. After a pit-stop through a Mickey D’s drive-thru we arrived @ Courtyard Orlando Vista Mariott @ Vista Centre around 9 pm. We all ooo’ed and ahhhh’ed over the room, which was a 1 room suite w/ pull-out couch and balcony. Very nice, but we were there to sleep.
Got up Wednesday morning and checked out and moved across the road to IHOP for some breakfast. Of course kids were excited so we finished breakfast as fast as possible and went to check in @ Disney’s POR! Checked in and our room was gonna be in building 18 on the bottom floor. I had requested something close the main building, so we had a choice between building 16, 2nd floor or building 18 1st floor. They have no elevators and we hate to climb, yes we are lazy that way… so we chose building 18.

We then headed off to AK, I had braced myself to expect crowds…and there were crowds…:pinch: We did the safari first, rafikis planet watch. The kids got their picture made w/ Jiminey Cricket, which I was excited about, because he is not a main character who you see out and about. We saw the tree lady which is really neat. She moves so gracefully. We did the tiger trek, kali river rapids. Got soaked! DH and DN did Expedition Everest…So me and my two kids went over to Dinoland where we played games. DH and DN met us in Dinoland and then he did primevil twirl, I don’t handle rides like that very well. So I sat and watched people. We ate lunch @ Yak and Yeti, it was good. DS, DN and myself had the honey chicken, it was good. I think One bucket could have fed all three of us. DH had the shrimp lo mein which he said was good. DD had chicken fingers. We checked on our room and found that we were assigned 1805 and headed back to then hotel for a quick swim and rest before our dinner ressies @ DTD @ Capt n Jacks.

We were not that sweaty, the kids decided while were in line for Kali River Rapids to get into a water fight with their spray bottles… I was in the middle
We were going to take a boat to DTD but when we got in line for the boat it was lightning and the guy said it would be another hour before it started to run. So we hopped into the car and headed that way. We passed La Nouba entrance and DH asked if I knew where it was, and I said Yes it’s located in DTD Westside… I completely forgot about DTD marketplace. :pinch: So after parking and walking a gazillion miles we made it to Capt n Jacks. :pirate: (We did make it before it started raining :happy: ) I got our buzzer and we all set down. It was like 5 mins and our buzzer was vibrating. We sat by a window and began discussing our meal options. Of course DN, DS decided on the lobster tails. DH and myself decided on the shrimp and penne pasta and DD had the mac n cheese. We ordered the spinach dip, which was delish. DD and DN got clam chowder and DS got ceaser salad. Our food came and everything looked great. I took one bite of my shrimp and penne pasta and had to chew very fast and then drink. I DID NOT LIKE IT… DH loved it, so I was like uh-oh… The waitress was very nice and noticed I had not made much of a dent in it and asked what was wrong, I told her that I did not care for it and she said that she would switch it, no problem :happy: She brought me back the lobster, which was wonderful. We had the dessert, which was yummmy. After dinner we shopped for a bit in DTD but it was getting chaotic so we left and went back to the hotel, we were tired…

My review of POR, it was Okay. We usually stay at FQ but being we had our DN with us we needed a trundle bed. The resort is big, and the beds were not comfy to me. My DH loved them. I will prob not stay at this resort again. If you have any questions about the resort just ask me.

This concludes day 1.


Great start so far. Sorry you weren’t happy with POR . . . lately it hasn’t been getting the reviews it used to . . . I think it needs updating!

Hope you figure out how to post pictures . . . I just upload them from my desktop using the little paper clip and then click the paper clip again and insert pictures into the typing area. Some one else might be able to tell you how to use photobucket?


Yeah Another Tr ,can’t Wait To Hear More


Welcome back, looking forward to hearing more. POR is definitely bigger than POFQ, and that does seem to turn some people off.

I use paint shop to re-size my photos, then use the “manage attachments” feature and post them, if that makes sense.


WOOHOO… another TR… now let me catch up…


Ahh… sorry you didn’t like POR that much. Good thing you had your car, Glad you like CJ’s… we need to try that sometime.


Wlecome back! Great start to your TR, looking forward to hearing more.


Welcome back. Looking forward to reading some more.


Good start! I am sorry that you were not completely thrilled with POR. Was it just the beds? The ambiance? The size? The bus?



Day 2: Hollywood Studios

We had a 6:30 wake-up call and I let my DN answer the ph. He was like that was Mickey Mouse. He didn’t know what to make of the call… Off to Hollywood Studios. As soon as we got there, DH, DD, and DN headed off to conquer ToT, while me and DS went to fast pass Toy Story Mania. This was my DD’s and DN’s first time riding ToT. :pinch: Joey and I went to Pixar Place and got the fast passes for 11:05-12:05. I got a text from DH saying to take our time, so DS and I went and explored One Man’s Dream. It was really neat to see all the models for the castles and the tree of life in AK and the Jungle Cruise. My son thought it was pretty interesting too. After that we headed towards ToT and waited for the rest of the gang near Beauty and the Beast. My DD came running up to me and said “I LOVE IT!” She is such the little thrill seeker… We done the Great Movie Ride :wub: , Muppets, DD had her picture made with Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Then it was time for Toy Story Mania. This ride/game was wonderful. Disney imagineers have really outdone themselves on this one. There was 5 of us, so I rode with this other kid from another family. He was pretty cool though, although I did beat his score :happy: . There was a green toy soldier standing outside the ride and my daughter saluted him and he saluted her back. Other than that he stood perfectly still. Love how when they are in character they are really in character. The kids then wanted Pizza Planet, so we trekked back over to eat. After eating we headed back to the resort for a swim and a nap.

Once we were refreshed, we headed off to Kona Cafe. We were on the DDP so we wanted to try places we have never eaten. So glad I chose this place…all I can say is YUMMY! :tongue: I had the Filet Mignon, so did DS. DN and DH had shrimp and scallops. Our appetizers consisted of sticky wings… (yum), and shrimp rolls ( i didn’t care for these). Our desserts were chocolate volcanos for DS, DN, chocolate fondue for me…:wub: and the rasberry white chocolate cheesecake for DH. DD got a berry smoothie… The kids drinks all came with light up Tinkerbell and Capt Hooks. They were pleased. Oh…I almost forgot the Kona bread and homemade butter…yum, yum, yum. After we stuffed ourselves (and I do mean stuffed), we headed out to the monorail to catch a ride to the MK. We were the first in line so DD, DS, DN and myself got to ride in the very front of the monorail. DH had to ride in the car behind… It was breathtaking, the fireworks were going on and the driver slowed down so we could watch them. :happy: I have waited for 33 years to be able to ride in the front of the monorail and I have achieved that goal… We then got to MK because they were having extra magic hours, not a good idea… It was PACKED :wacko: We managed to make it the corner of Casey’s Hot Dogs and somehow got shifted to the path that took us through the noodle station into tomorrowland. We managed to do Buzzlightyear, Laughfloor, Caraousel of Progress and the People Mover. We then decided to go back to the resort because it was a madhouse there…

That concludes day 2!

I really do not have a reason to not like POR, just that the beds were uncomfortable by my standards and its just not POFQ.


Haha, waited 33 years to ride in front of the monorail! We love that. It is always such a highlight. My favorite time to be in front is at dusk, on the way to Epcot. :slight_smile:

Oooh, and I am so glad you tried Kona. It is great, isn’t it?


Good start to your report. sorry you didn’t like POR…doesn’t appeal to me either, so I get it. I am a huge FQ fan, so there is not other mod in my opinion…lol can’t wait to hear more.


No worries… :happy:

Pictures are not required… :laugh:

Thanks for doing a trip report. :wub:

I’ve been off Disney Property for six months now! :eek:


loving the trip report so far…can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip!


Day 3: Happy 4th of July! :mickey:

We slept in on this morning, and then headed for Ol Man Island, which is the pool at POR. We stopped first at the food court and I got a bagel w/ cream cheese, and everyone else got a cinnamon roll. They were good. We found two chairs by the slide and the kids jumped in… the water was cold, but you couldn’t get them to admit it. So we lounged and watched the kids splash and lplay around. We had a nice chat with a lady who was there with her two kids from NJ. She was checking into a timeshare that day and planned on going to the fireworks @ MK that evening. We told her that we had heard that if you were not there by a certain hour and the park reached capacity and they would close the gates… I hope she got to see them.

After fun in the pool, we got ready and headed off to Epcot. We arrived and did Spaceship Earth first, the line was long, but moved quickly. Someone puked in the line ahead of us, so we had to avoid that… :blow: Which Maegan felt she needed to stare instead of moving… :blink: We finally got to the spot and DS and DN rode togother, DH by himself :glare: and Maeggie and I… she wanted to touch the screen, so I read everything and she created our “perfect” world…

Next DH took the tickets and went to fast pass Mission Space, while me and the kids went to Club Cool… I had warned everyone about Beverly, even pointed it out. I am standing there keeping all eyes on all the kids while they this way and that way… the next thing I know DS and DN have a full cup of Beverly and took big gulps… :laugh: Next thing I know there they go…gagging and making the most awful faces… I said…“I told ya’ll that was yucky”. DN said it tasted like medicine. We left after DD wanted to build her own coke cup for $8.00. I said “no”.

We met up with DH and headed off to see Figment, Maegan loves him, she likes the part about the skunk… :blow: So after Figment and playing in the imagination station we headed over to the Living Seas with Nemo and friends. Loved the birds saying “Mine, Mine, Mine”. We walked through and got on the ride, it was cute. After the seas we went to Turtle Talk with Crush. Crush spoke to DS and made him say “Totally Sweet Dude”, he is in the “cool” stage in his life, so hearing him participate was really great.

After we got done with Crush, we noticed it was getting close to our time to eat @ the Rose and Crown. We arrived and got a buzzer, but it went off within 5 minutes of having it. We sat outside parallel to the lake. Our waitress was Fiona, she was lovely. We are sweet tea drinkers, so we would get the tea and sweeten it with splenda. That is the best stuff! Even the kids were doing that. It didn’t take much to sweeten it and left NO bad aftertaste. We decided on the roasted mushrooms, and the cheese plate for appetizers. Let’s just say… We tried it once and have no desire to have these things again… :smiley: We were sitting discussing what we didn’t like and trying to cover the mushrooms (the odor was horrendous) when out of the corner of my eye I see my DN cut off a big slice of cheese spread and pop it into his mouth. I turned and said what are you eating…the next thing you know he is gagging! Whatever he go ahold of he did NOT like… it was quite funny. So DH and myself are cracking up, he is trying to get it out of his mouth by drinking his tea… very funny moment. The whole thing was, he had just heard us talking about how nasty it was and cuts him off a slice and pops it in his mouth. Not a sliver to taste but a big hunk… :laugh: Now on to the entrees: DS got steak and fish, DN & DH got marinated chicken breast, DD got pizza (w/o chicken) and I got the bangers and mash. It was delicious!! I was nervous, because I hate to try anything new, but I figured if Daisee’s DD can eat it, then so can I! :smiley: For dessert we got the apples cobbler, it wasn’t what I would call cobbler, it was okay… :mellow:

After dinner we went to the land and rode the boat to see how everything is grown, that is so neat to look at. I love the mickey shaped pumpkins. There was a couple on the boat with us with a newborn baby. I know that baby couldn’t be more than two weeks old, IF that. So after that nice ride, it was time for DH, DS, and DN to go and ride Mission Space. Maegan and I found an out of the way area to watch the fireworks. I sat and she played while we waited. I love to people watch! When I go to the park, I try to be as comfortable as possible. I usually wear tennis shoes and shorts and a shirt. It’s amazing to me what some ppl wear to a park. The shoes, I kept thinking her feet are gonna hurt… :blink: I also kept thinking that Maegan is not going to be wearing a lot of the clothes I saw on young teenage girls down there… I felt like blushing… :blush: Once the guys came back we decided we needed ice cream and Maegan had to go to the restroom. So I let DH and boys sit while I went in search of a potty and ice cream. Finally between Maegan and I we managed to carry 5 cones back to our seating spot. No sooner had my DN got his ice cream cone, the ice cream fell off… :pinch: So Maegan shared her ice cream with him… :wub: We sat and watched the fireworks, you couldn’t really see them that well because of a tree so we decided to beat the crowd back to the buses and I am glad we did…
We hopped on a bus and headed back to the resort…

That was the end of Day 3!


I’m with you- I want to be comfortable!

When my friend and I used to go to Disneyland, we would take pictures of the ridiculous things people would wear on their feet. :laugh:


enjoying your TR.

i know what you mean about looking at some of the footwear some people wear! nhow can you wear high heel sandals all day at an amusement park?? i would be crawling on my hands and knees by the end of the day! LOL


Good reports. For you that don’t know… I am Babs’ mother. :heart: While she was off in WDW having fun, DH & I were here working away as usual. :crying:


Ah, we spent 4th of July at Epcot, too! We like Epcot because it’s huge and rarely feels crowded. However, we had to stake out our fireworks spot for an hour and a half! Luckily, we were at the American Pavillion, so we watched the ABBA show while we waited (if it weren’t for the queue for that show, we wouldn’t have been right on the lagoon) - and could see MGM’s fireworks. When we entered the park at 8:00 the lagoon was already covered… some people must’ve claimed spots over two hours in advance!

Anyway, I’m liking the TR… if you upload pics to photobucket, you can just use the [img] link format, and you won’t have to decrease the size of pictures.


Ok, I have posted a few pics, sorry they are so BIG…