Baby elephant


Hey guys, only just found out that AK had a new arrival back on Dec 20th! A new baby Elephant…soooooo cute! :wub: The girl calf was born to momma Donna and weighed in at 233lbs ( which apparantly is quite ‘dinky’ for an Elephant…)
Here is the link I found


WOW, how adrorable!!! That’s great news! Did I miss the baby elephant’s name?


We used to get baby elephants all the time here in Portland, but it seems like our elephants aren’t quite as prolific in the breading arena anymore. :sad: :wink: I am a zoo-aholic, so I go lots and lots and I really love seeing the baby elephants. They are really neat to watch as they fumble around with their trunk! :biggrin:


Very cute!!! I haven’t seen a baby elephant in a while.

We are zoo-nuts, too, Goof. We have APs to our local zoo, and we try to go every other month or so. It’s so much fun!


Sooo cute! Wonder what they will name her? That’s funny that “dainty” for an elephant is 233lbs.!!


She’s so cute! :happy: I can’t wait to see more pictures of her! Wonder what her name will be? Or is?


She’s still unnamed. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for her name! And wow, Momma Donna endured 16 whole minutes of labor?!? God Bless her… :wink:


I know! I was ‘wincing’ at the thought of that also! :eek: :happy:


AWWW!!! So cute! I love those HUGE animals like that :smile:


Very cute! I love elephants–thanks for sharing the good news!


Aaawwww…how cute! Glad that human babies aren’t “dainty” like that!


AWWWWWWWW :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: love baby animals.


Wow! I was at AK on Dec. 22 and didn’t know about it!


awwwwww :wub: She’s so cute. Her poor mommy must be EXHAUSTED! 16 whole minutes of labour! :dry:

There’s just something so heartbreakingly cute about baby animals.


wow 233 pounds. that had to hurt. haha. congratulations to momma donna on her little one.


A nigh-infinite array of cute baby animals can be found here.

Yay, a heffalump!!

hooray for heffalumps


Took the words right out of my uhhhhh fingertips. They could call him “LUMPY” :tongue: