Baby Gator in AK


DH and I just got back from our 9th trip to WDW where we offically became DVC members and when we were in AK standing by the river taking pictures of the tree we saw a baby alligator in the river along with a snapping turtle. it was just swimming along the shore without a care in the world. Somehow I don’t think this was supposed to be there since it could easily come up on the river banks. Several other people saw it too. No, I did not report it. After I walked away I pretty much forgot about it until the pictures came back.
if anyone knows anything about it and if it was meant to be there, please let me know.


Can we see the picture?


Yeah. Let’s see it!




Well, it is FL, so they’ll turn up anywhere. But usually Disney is pretty on top of things if there is one on property that could be a threat.

But we’d love to see the pic!


we saw a gator in the river by the beachclub villas. people were standing over it on the bridge feeding it cheese nips…


That’s not good. My nephew-in-law did that in South Carolina, and a 6ft alligator showed up with the little one. It was not a pretty site.


OMG. They should all be shot.

Have they never heard of “Don’t feed the bears”?! Yeah… same thing applies with these things! Way to keep the gators around… now when they see someone near that area, they’ll want to go over there for food.:angry:

Leave that stuff to… Jeff Corwin or someone.


Many, many, many moons ago when my parents took us, my brother and I were trying to catch minnows from the shore of the canal that runs through FW and realized that what we thought was a branch at first actually had eyes and was a little gator watching us :ohmy: We ran and told our folks who then told the first CM they saw. We were told that sometimes the little ones slip through and that they would go and catch him.


that is what we were saying. if people keep feeding it, eventually it will get braver and come closer to the hotels. wouln’d that be a grand site is one of these things decided to jump in a pool or something…


When we stayed at Coronado Springs Resort in 2003, we saw a 4 ft long alligator in the water/weeds next to the patio area outside the building that houses the Pepper Market. The sides of the lake seemed too steep for it to climb out, but we were kinda wary of it once we knew it was there. Fascinating for us to watch; never saw anybody feed it.


We went on an Everglades tour in August. The guide told us why it is so imperative that people not feed alligators.

People think they’re being nice by feeding the alligators, but really it’s cruel. When the alligators get fed by humans, the gators then associate people with food and that’s how they become dangerous. Normally, gators are afraid of people.
When they find a gator that is no longer afraid of people, they have to destroy it.


well the gator we saw must have been very used to people. the ducks eating the cheese nips next to him acted as if it weren’t there… we were hoping to see the gator go after the ducks, but he was quite content eating his nips…


I have seen gators in the water way that goes over to tom sawyer island, in the water ways at AK and all kinds of places. Where there is water in florida, there is probally a gator.


Just for the record, while on the character boat today what should I see but a MUCH LARGER baby gator happily swimming around the Flame Tree Bar-B-Q waitin for kids and people to throw it some lunch. Gotta be over 5 feet now.


i guess they are like any other animal. they know where the food is.


Back in Jan 05 DH was golfing at the palms at the Mickey Mouse sand trap hole. He was kind of on a hill and lost a ball in the water hazards below. He began to walk down to drop and there was a gator in his way. Needless to say the guys he was golfing with let him drop on the other side of the water


I thought they got rid of gators after they reached a certain length.


I had always heard that too, Cavey. I don’t remember the length but it was something like 5 feet.

We saw a couple of baby gators at Shades of Green a couple of years ago and heard lots more.


I’ve never seen one, but I want to–just not at FW :tongue: