Baby Shamu at Seaworld


For all those going to Seaworld in the next few weeks, a new addition to the killer whales. The baby orca was born at 11pm on the 23rd Nov.


Just another excuse to go back…


Awwwwwwww, are you going missy H?


How cute is that? Wish I could go see Baby Shamu…


We have planned a day to go (only because we can get in for free), but we might not go and spend that day at WDW instead.


Awww. I want to go and see Baby Shamu


AWWW!! I love the baby whales. they had a baby in there when I was there in October…big baby, but baby nonetheless.


That may have been the one we saw in August. BY themsekves they just look big, but next to their moms, they look really cute.

If you into babies, check out the dolphin nursery - I think it has a different name, but I can’t remember it right now.


do we know what it’s name is yet? I just love Seaworld.