Baby Wipes


I know that I am in the wrong spot, but I need speedy help. We are leaving tomorrow morning, and my husband questioned whether or not we can put baby wipes in our carry-on luggage. Does anyone who just flew know the answer to this question? I cannot find anything specific from the TSA site. Thanks.:huh:


I can’t see why not. They said liquids are a no-no…I can’t see why a wipe would be contraband. I would call your airline just in case and maybe just stick a travel size one in your carry-on and pack the bigger one in your checked luggage. That way if you have to chuck it, it’s only a tiny $1 pack and not the big one.


They sound fine to me because it’s not a liquid.


I too had this question so I called the customer relations dept at Southwest and she said she had not had that Q before, but it was a good one! The reason I questioned it was because you are not allowed to take any makeup removing wipes or even first aid wipes. She asked her supervisor and he did not know but her co-worker had flown two days prior with his wife and infant/toddler son and they had wipes in their carryon as well as color wonder markers (which I also inquired about due to the fact that another MBer had her highlighter confiscated). He said he had no problem. However, he recommended that you only bring a small amount just incase they decide to confiscate them on the flight I am taking (that would be my luck)! I am just taking a travel pack full and packing a larger box in my luggage!

I am so glad someone else wondereed the same thing, I thought I was a bit silly for asking!!


This seems to be another one of those items that varies from one screener to another. If I were you, I’d also bring some dry wipes (like Handy Wipes) and wet them in the bathroom in case the wetwipes get taken.


What a shame that we have to think about this stuff now… BUMMER!!!